TBJA 401 How To Recover From A PR Nightmare: The United Airlines Fiasco, Bob Schneider
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United Airlines settled with the passenger who was dragged from the plane but now the company needs to recover from the PR nightmare. Get tips on how to respond when facing a PR mess from Bob Schneider. 

Bob Schneider is a Chicago-Based Political writer at Chicago Now and Public Relations/Public Affairs Consultant and we’re talking about the United Airlines fiasco and how it can recover.

 New Developments

United Airlines settled with the passenger who was dragged from the plane for an undisclosed amount.

The senate committee on aviation will hold hearings next week to find out what really happened.

United Airlines has detailed released some new policies to make flying better for its passengers, included in them, is a policy that they won’t call the police for help with enforcing their policies as they did in this scenario with Dr. Dao. They will increase their incentives to $10,000 to get people to voluntarily give up their seat.

To see the rest of their new policies, click here.

United Airlines Fiasco meme

Here are some of the comments generated from Bob Schneider’s meme. See more here.


Jordan Arseneau From an optics standpoint, I can’t for the life of me understand what made them think they’d come out on top doing something like that. What a PR nightmare.

Bob Schneider Jordan, neither can I. If I ran their PR department I would be drunk right now

Bob Schneider This turned viral on twitter.

Leslie Gottlieb It was a totally despicable thing to do.

Maury Runnion Where do they train their thugs??? Dragging a doctor off a plane. it’s a good thing he wasn’t wearing tights or leggings. He could have been bludgeoned.

Bob Schneider Dramatic footage of United Airlines’ reputation released.

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