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He couldn’t get a job in marketing so he decided to become the Media. Nathan Chan launched Foundr, an online digital magazine and quickly grew it to a top 10 ranked “Business & Investing Magazine” on the app store.

Nathan Chan is the Publisher & Editor of Foundr Magazine, a digital magazine for young entrepreneurs on the App Store & Google Play store. Nathan launched Foundr in March 2013 from his bedroom and in a small period of time it has become a top 10 ranked ‘Business & Investing Magazine’ on the app store. As publisher of Foundr, Nathan was a finalist for Publisher of the Year for 2014 in the Digital Magazine awards. He has had the pleasure of interviewing some of the most accomplished entrepreneurs around the world namely Sir Richard Branson & Arianna Huffington and many more.


Never in my life tasted Chocolate!

Think Like A Journalist Quote

[In the future], the Internet will disappear… you won’t even sense it, it will be part of your presence all the time.” –Eric Schmidt, Executive Chairman, Google, USA

Success Quote or Tip

If you always do what you’ve always done, you always get what you always got.

Career Highlight

When Nathan started Foundr Magazine he didn’t know it would become a multi-million dollar startup. He tried to find a job in marketing but couldn’t land one. So, he worked in IT but it wasn’t for him. He got a Masters in Marketing and still couldn’t get a job. So, he followed his passion and launched Foundr Magazine when he realized there wasn’t a magazine that was for someone like himself. Hear what happened shortly after his launch.

The first day of his launch he made $5 and two people subscribed.

By four to five months in he had broke even.

When It Didn’t Work

A big struggle that Nathan went through. He was sued within the first four months of his launch over a Trademarking issue. Find out what happened and why he had to change the magazine name which actually became a blessing in disguise.

Top Tips The Future Of Media & Its Impact On Brands

  1. Utilize time and resources from around the globe:
  2. Be where your target market hangs out: that’s in many different places.
  3. Capture people’s details so you can message them directly
  4. Leverage for your content: multi-purpose it to many pieces of collateral and social platforms.
  5. Master one platform at a time.
  6. Create systems and processes to master that platform to gain greater audiences.
  7. Give away your best stuff for free because it will spread like wildfire.
  8. Become the media by developing a magazine.
  9. Make lots of phone calls.
  10. Help them promote their new book launch.
  11. Find out whose publishing the book and try to find the PR person.

What is one piece of technology, video or multimedia equipment, or app that you just can’t live without?

One book, documentary, blog, podcast, or Internet Channel to watch?

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