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Are you using your LinkedIn Profile to tell a story about you? Donna Serdula created the LinkedIn profile methodology that she teaches through her company Find out how to Pump up your LinkedIn profile with storytelling.

Donna Serdula pioneered the concept of LinkedIn profile optimization, realizing early on that the LinkedIn profile was so much more than just an online resume. The LinkedIn profile is an amazing opportunity for branding.

Donna spent the first 10 years of her career in sales, marketing, and training.  She joined LinkedIn’s social network in 2005 where she promptly copied and pasted her resume and wondered what all the fuss was about.  A job change in 2006 led her back to LinkedIn as she looked for tools to help her build a sales territory. It was during this time she had her LinkedIn epiphany and forged her LinkedIn profile methodology. 

In 2009, she walked away from her successful sales career and founded Vision Board Media and  

Her mission: To help people realize their Internet identity and shape one that makes an impact and leads to opportunity.

From that day on, Donna Serdula became the chief influencer, advocating and evangelizing the importance of taking control of your Internet identity. By presenting yourself in a way that inspires and builds confidence in your abilities, products, and services, you are shaping your future.

As the foremost expert in LinkedIn profile optimization, she’s proven that a strong LinkedIn Profile is the key to performing well on LinkedIn. Through her website, Donna and her team of writers have helped thousands of executives, entrepreneurs, professionals, and companies from all over the world tell their unique story and brand themselves successfully.

Donna is an in demand speaker throughout the US and she has been featured on Business Insider, Time’s Money Section, Wall Street Journal’s Market Watch, LA Times, NBC, SiriusXM Radio’s The Focus Group, and many other news outlets.


I went to an all woman’s college: Rosemont. I worked on M. Night Shyamalan’s least seen movie, “Wide Awake”.

Think Like A Journalist Quote

“Creative writing and visuals are essential for the human side of SEO, because they attract links, shares and engage visitors to become buyers.”  –Lee Odden

Success Quote or Tip

Keep a vision board. Think of it as a visual to-do list. Try using a PP presentation that features your goals…you can even add music to it.

Career Highlight

Donna left a successful career in 2009 and grew a business helping executives and professionals get superb LinkedIn Profiles. She started out alone and now has 40 writers working with her.

When It Didn’t Work  

In 2009 when Donna started her business she was scared and it was very difficult. She got a call from a recruiter. She decided to take the job and she regrets doing so because it put her off her real path of being an entrepreneur.

It might be treacherous. It might be scary but I have to do this. #LinkedIn #entrepreneur

Top Tips Pump Up Your LinkedIn Profile With Storytelling

  1. Approach your LinkedIn Profile strategically. Why are you on LinkedIn and what are you trying to accomplish. What you write needs to be directly focused on that target goal and what you need to say to that audience.
  2. Don’t just say “I…I…I…I”: it’s not about you.
  3. Tell your story as it relates to your target audience.
  4. Grow your network. You must have more than 500 connections otherwise it will not be helpful to your career.
  5. You need to get found. Which keywords would someone enter into search to find you. Write keywords into your profile.

See examples of storytelling LinkedIn Profile bios at

When you tell your story on LinkedIn and you stop those endless bullets…millions on LinkedIn. See something that’s different…allow that conversion to take place.

What is one piece of technology, video or multimedia equipment, or app that you just can’t live without?

One book, documentary, blog, podcast, or Internet Channel to watch?

How To Own Your Power, Karla Harris  (video)


Twitter @DonnaSerdula

Donna Serdula website

Donna Serdula LinkedIn Profile

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Phoebe Chongchua
Phoebe Chongchua

Phoebe Chongchua is a multimedia Brand Journalist, Brand Consultant & Marketing Strategist who is revolutionizing brand communication with consumers. She makes companies remarkable using brand journalism storytelling to grow their online presence, build a community, and gain greater market share. Phoebe is a former TV News journalist who helps brands gain a competitive advantage by learning to "Be the Media". Phoebe is the host of "The Brand Journalism Advantage" podcast and a "Top 50 Podcaster To Follow". Listen in iTunes or at

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