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Using data to create Eureka moments. The science and formula for understanding how to get more traffic to your website and converting leads. Brian Massey shares tips on WP Plugins & Google Analytics.

Brian Massey calls himself a Conversion Scientist. He even has the lab coat to prove it. In 2007, he founded Conversion Sciences a website optimization company. Brian is the author of the Amazon Marketing bestseller: Your Customer Creation Equation: Unexpected Website Formulas Of The Conversion Scientist. Brian has a 20-year background in computer programming, corporate marketing, and entrepreneurship. He says website optimization is the art and science of finding more online revenue without paying for more traffic.

Inside Scoop About Brian Massey

I have trouble taking down holiday decorations. I just add Thanksgiving decorations to my Halloween treatment, then add Christmas on top of all that. Think “Nightmare before Christmas meets Norman Rockwell.”

Think Like A Journalist Quote

“Engage, Enlighten, Encourage and especially…just be yourself! Social media is a community effort, everyone is an asset.”  –Susan Cooper, Source Kissmetrics

Success Tip

The best brand experience is to find what you’re looking for via an easy-to-purchase experience that gives the customer great value.  Remove the blocks and make your website easier to use.

Career Highlight

Trained as a computer scientist. Worked for sales job at Texas Instrument. Got back into technology building marketing backends. He started writing his own analytics packages to learn more about usage. His coolest moment: finding his company partner.

When It Didn’t Work!

Brian struggled with getting people to listen to his insights on inbound marketing in the early years of blogging and speaking. Find out why he hung in there and how certain key activities helped advance his career.  

Bottling Aha! Using Data to Create Eureka Moments

Shattering the myth of the data scientist.

  1. Treat your website like a store. Watch how consumers shop and buy.
  2. Golden age of tools for website analytics.
  3. Walk around your website to see what will work better for your consumers.
  4. The best experience is finding what you’re looking for.
  5. Install Google Analytics plugin.
  6. Give yourself time to explore and be curious about your website.
  7. Study pages to find out which ones are causing people to buy from your website.
  8. Click tracking software or heat mapping software: use this to see where cursor is moving and people are clicking. You’ll discover that people are clicking where there isn’t a link or they’re not scrolling down.
  9. Set different goals other than just website traffic goals. Aim to speak publicly and network to help grow your business.
  10. Do your SEO structural setup for your website.
  11. Avoid putting your most important content on the right side of your website because that’s often where ads are placed.

Multimedia Resource

Google Analytics


His lab coat

One book, documentary, or Internet Channel to watch?

Mentioned In This Episode

Hotjar (heatmaps for websites)

Crazy Egg (heatmap)

Inspectlet (website recording software)

Google Analytics SEO Plugin by Yoast


Twitter @bMassey

Conversion Sciences Blog

Conversion Sciences Website

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