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Maria Doyle on how to create online and seminar course that sell.  Learn how to create and systemize your content for your courses using four important pillars. She shares best practices for teaching and sharing in this episode.

Maria Doyle is the founder and Director of SELECT Consultants. She helps passionate professionals who have a message to share, create quality learning experiences that engage, inspire and motivate their clients to create real change. It’s her life mission to take the lack-lustre courses, workshops and presentations of this world–both virtual and live–and transform them into ‘it-changed-my-life’ experiences. Nothing lights her up more than teaching, learning, traveling and helping others be better at what they do.

Think Like A Journalist Quote

“Marketing is designed to bring people into something.” –Sue Naegle, American Business Woman…former president of HBO Entertainment

If you’re asking questions they’re listening; if you’re talking at them they’re tuning out.

Success Quote

“Success is in the journey.”

“Doing what I love and loving the way I do it is success”

Career Highlight

Maria took a job in a very remote area Kiribati in the Pacific Ocean, where most people on the project were 30 years her senior. She helped implement education. The project’s results were surprising and highly successful.

When It Didn’t Work

After returning from her job in the remote Pacific Ocean. She started to launch a business that wasn’t in her field but she felt was needed. Find out what happened just before she launched that changed her career and made her finally look at what’s really important to her as well as what her real skill set is and where it should be used.

Top Tips

Connect, Create, Communicate, and Critique.

Connect: who they are, what will you help them solve, know them as learner (tactile learning). Give the audience the direction ahead of time so they know how to follow you.

Create: create content in a way that is easy for your audience to understand. Put information in similar bundles grouped together. Help your audience know exactly what they’re going to learn. Be organized and have a plan. Have an organized structure with branding matching throughout.
Communicate: mix up the way you deliver content to appeal to different types of learners
Set expectations: set goals for achievement…start with that

Communicate: identify the style of presentation such as video, podcast, article, Webinar. Make use of tone and speed: pause, tone). Organize your structure: how you engage and break down the content. Use visual aids when possible. Start your content …start with questions.

Critique: evaluate, review, and reflect: ask for feedback, then implement and improve. Understand why something went well…understand the action but also what lead up to:

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