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headshot of Tomas Kellner Tomas Kellner uses powerful storytelling as the Managing Editor for GE Reports. He turned the company’s website into a powerful tool to communicate to audiences worldwide. He shares how GE is growing its audience and how other companies can be successful using brand journalism.

Tomas Kellner is a journalist who has worked for Forbes Magazine as a technology reporter. He’s also written stories for the New York Sun, been a contributor at the World Policy Journal and he’s worked as a general assignment reporter at the Prague Post. Tomas Kellner has stepped away from traditional media reporting jobs to be the Managing Editor for GE Reports, an award-winning online publication covering business, technology, and, innovation.

Think Like A Journalist Quote

“Brands are also realizing that they must capture their audiences’ attention and that they must take responsibility for the creation and maintenance of those audiences, relying on the traditional media to do so at a time when traditional media is declining is a folly at best.” ~Christopher Penn from Shift Communications

Success Tip

Learn something new every day.

Fitness Habit

Run every day.

Career Highlight

Taking traditional GE blog into something more focused on the people of GE.

When It Didn’t Work

Early on, not knowing who main stakeholders were for a company and getting lost in the process.

Brand Journalism Advice
Think Like A Journalist

Research the company, discover what it’s all about and create a story around it. Use social media (i.e. blogging, Pinterest, Facebook, twitter, etc.)

“We don’t tell stories. When we come to work, we publish press releases. I saw a disconnect there. Why can’t we tell stories?…”

Multimedia  Resource

Snapspeed – photo-processing app.

Multimedia Book, Documentary, Internet Channel

Writing To Learn by William Zinsser

Bonus Resource

After this podcast was recorded, Tomas Kellner and GE Reports were featured in an in-depth article on brand journalism in FT. Read it here, The Invasion of Corporate News.


Tomas Kellner LinkedIn Profile

GE Reports

Twitter: @TomKellner

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