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Funny lady, Judy Carter, brings humor into storytelling. She shares the 3 essential stories you need on your website to attract customers. She’ll have you laughing throughout this episode.

  • How to tell your “Credibility Story”.
  • Why your “Company’s Story” is so important
  • Including your personal “Heart Story” in your bio.

Judy Carter doesn’t like to brag, but she did write the Bible. No joke,

She was featured on “Good Morning America,” CNN, touted by Oprah Winfrey and is the go-to book for anyone launching a career in comedy. Her new book, The Message of You, has become wildly popular as a how-to guide to using stories to inspire and get hired.

At an early age, Judy Carter discovered that the messes in her life were opportunities for success and laughs.

At eight years old, she over came a speech impediment by performing magic tricks. By nine yeas years old, she had a successful magic show birthday party business where she was her own marketing department, coming home from finger painting class to make sales calls.

Judy went pro becoming the first woman to perform at the prestigious Magic Castle in Hollywood with her death defying escape from her grandmother’s girdle.  On her way to a performance, the airlines lost her luggage with her tricks, so she turned that mess to a success by becoming a standup comic. She went on to appear on over 100 TV shows, as well as opening for Prince and playing Vegas.

When she got sick of performing for drunks, she became an author and a motivational speaker.

Currently, Judy is an international keynote speaker and speaking coach on the power of personal stories and humor to inspire others. Judy’s message of using humor as a transformational tool led to her being featured in the Wall Street Journal, New York Times, The Oprah Winfrey Show, CNN, as well as being a frequent contributor to NPR’s “All Things Considered” and a weekly blogger for Entrepreneur Magazine.


The first woman to perform at the prestigious Magic Castle in Hollywood. 

Think Like A Journalist Quote

“Social engagement begins when we share our stories…Social change happens when we agree together to change the ending.” –The Needmore Fund: 50 Years, 50 Stories 

Success Quote or Tip

It’s all about them.  Make your talk or presentation about your audience.

Career Highlight

Judy started with speech impediment. So she learned magic tips but later became a comedian and the opening act for Prince. She later went into public speaking and incorporated in humor. Her career highlight? Opening for President Clinton and being on stage doing an hour keynote. Hear how she landed this speaking opportunity.

When It Didn’t Work

When Judy was opening for Prince. She came out with an accordion player. Find out what happened as she shares this unbelievable story.

Top Tips  3 Essential Stories You Need On Your Website To Attract Customers

Want to have more customers, opt-ins on your website and clicks on your “Buy Now” button?

Do what Hollywood does–use stories to inspire others.

Today’s technology gives us the ability to offer our message to millions of potential customers — instantly. Yet, many businesses are losing their customer’s attention, because their content lacks authenticity and emotional depth.

Stories, not bullet points, create customer loyalty, builds social media platforms and increases sales. Stories create an emotional bond between your business and your customers.

Want to get people to buy your product? Then get them to listen. In this webinar Judy Carter, author of The Message of You and The Comedy Bible, tells you three essential stories you need to do just that.

  1. The story of your customer. A story is not a collection of facts. A story has a character in it who wants something. Share the struggle.
  2. The story about your company. Tell the hardships and struggles.
  3. The heart story: it answers this question, “Why is this so important to you?”

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