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How to identify content your audience wants. Grant Gurewitz works for Zillow Group providing content for real estate agents. Hear how his strategy for finding the content that keeps audiences engaged.

Grant Gurewitz is a collaborative marketer specializing in social media, content and community. He leads this area at Zillow Group for real estate agent audience. As a community builder, Grant also devotes energy to leading and building his local alumni chapter, developing strategic ways to engage alumni of all ages.


I pulled the fire alarm in pre-school.

Think Like A Journalist Quote

Dig down deep and provide something really different and exciting to get the community to notice. Fight “sameness” with your every breath. –Mark Schaefer, founder of Business Grow

Success Quote

Consume content to learn.  Books on

Career Highlight

[9:44]…Grant started as a social media intern at Zillow. Hear about his firsts in his experiences fielding…he builds out the b2b side. [9:27]…Grant builds out in-person events and signature content…surprise and delight moments…Tesla giveaway…The agent of the future…

When It Didn’t Work!

Grant tried to start a monthly Twitter chat it didn’t work well. They found it wasn’t the right medium. The company found it wasn’t the right platform. Find out what Grant did to reach the audience.

How To Identify Content Your Audience Wants And Then Dive In Head First

  1. Look at what you publish now and analytics on social and blog
  2. Group content into buckets and look for themes
  3. Identify most popular buckets and develop strategy in those areas, select internal and external experts you can partner with
  4.  Start, just ship it! For us this looked like identifying housing market data content was popular but underrepresented in our strategy and then we teamed up with our Econ team to create quarterly trends report that we COPE (create once, publish everywhere).
  5. Analyze, pivot, bake into your operating fabric. Lots of analysis and now our content strategy and content resource center is centered around this content

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