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People are more interested in why than what but often companies and solopreneurs forget this. Do you know your why? Business coach, Craig McBreen, takes us through the steps of building a brand that works.

Craig McBreen is a business coach, writer, and marketing consultant. He’s been helping companies, organizations, and start-ups build effective brands for years.

Craig has more than 20 years experience and his mission is to help you craft an online presence that builds authority, increases brand awareness, and is built for long-term success.

People are more interested in your why than your what. #MarketingTips

Think Like A Journalist Quote

“When you know your why, you’ll know your way.” –Michael Hyatt

Success Quote

“I don’t have the courage to fight, but I do have the bravery to stick in my fucking heels and no matter what happens, I’m not gonna give up that last inch.”   My quote is something I heard AJ Leon say the other day during an interview:

Career Highlight

Many years ago I went out on my own with minimal contacts and no client list. So my highlight is when my very first client hired me. This was late 90s and basically a result of round the clock cold calling. One of the reasons I love the quote above.

When It Didn’t Work!

I started blogging around 2011 (late bloomer I am). Around 2012 I realized I was focusing on all the wrong things–basically commenting and social media metrics and things that meant very little to me growing a business.

Do You Know Your Why? Building A Brand That Works

  1. Define your position: think about what you do…
  2. Take a good look at your Website through the eyes of your consumers.
  3. Would someone viewing your Website understand what you do?
  4. Does it inspire action?
  5. Could they define what you do in a few words?
  6. Is it clear who you’re talking to?
  7. Don’t over complicate things.

If you’re a company or solopreneur looking to create a brand that works:

Start with Why:

When creating a brand, people often get hung up on telling the world what they can (skills) vs. telling people WHY they are doing what they are doing. I know, starting with Why is not exactly original (hello Simon Sinek) but it’s where you start.

Then focus on positioning and copy:

The next step is positioning your brand (not design) you need to focus on positioning and copy.

And create a brand vision, detailing how you will help your ideal customer. (Start with copy, follow with design).

The importance of a daily practice:

Without a solid foundation that brings stability, creativity, and energy—a daily practice—your business dreams will never come to fruition. You’ll simply burn out or be in a perpetual brain fog. This practice can bring renewed vigor to your life, spark your creativity, and energize a business. An, unfortunately, it’s something many entrepreneurs leave out.

Get past FEAR and get comfortable with self-promotion. But stop playing the comparison game.

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One book, documentary, or Internet Channel to watch?

Listen to the best comedians via their podcasts. They are the best storytellers on the planet! Marc Maron, Bill Burr, Chris Hardwick, Terry Gross.

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