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David Murdico is the creative director and managing partner of Supercool Creative, a digital creative, online video, social media and PR agency that works with some of the coolest brands and startups on the planet.


It’s a cluttered digital world. Learn how to breakthrough the noise with your marketing. David Murdico of Supercool Creative shares how to be seen and heard.

David Murdico has written hundreds of articles for publications that include AdAge, iMedia Connection, Hubspot / Agency Post, MediaPost, Business Insider, Business2Community and many more. He’s been a featured panelist at the MediaPost Social Media Insider Summit, Digital Hollywood, Viral Summit, WebCongress and has frequently guest lectured at his alma mater, The University of Southern California.

Think Like A Journalist Quote

“No matter what your product is, you are ultimately in the education business. Your customers need to be constantly educated about the many advantages of doing business with you, trained to use your products more effectively, and taught how to make never-ending improvement in their lives.”  – Robert G. Allen

Success Quote

If you don’t see the barriers in front of you, you walk right through them.

Will Smith once said something like ““There’s no reason to have a plan B because it distracts from plan A.” Giving up has never been an option because there is no plan B.

Career Highlight

We were working with video game publisher Camcom on Street Fighter X Tekken. We launched episode one of a 12 episode video series starring an attractive girl was a gaming journalist. Facebook was very responsive but YouTube went crazy and started in with comments like “b-word get back to the kitchen” and a lot of sexual comments. They felt that since she was not a hardcore gamer, and a girl, they could harass her. The first instinct was to pull the plug or recast but instead, we went with a new format in the second episode and started bringing in top gamers and influencers to play the game with her and be interviewed, which validated her street cred to be there. Immediately, after that second episode, the tide shifted and they loved her and the rest of the series.

When It Didn’t Work!

Don’t take on clients that you have an instinctual feeling that it’s not going to work. Hear how a campaign flopped because of disagreements with clients.

How To Breakthrough The Noise With Your Marketing

  1. Create content  – videos, images, memes, campaigns that will grab everyone’s attention by entertaining, educating or shocking them
  2. Make sure that content gets out to them via press and social media outreach, influencers and paid media.
  3. Be responsive to the feedback and join / amplify the conversation to keep it going.
  4. Include a strong call to action – what do you want people to do after they engage?
  5. Take risks. This is not the environment in which to play it safe. You’ll get trampled or worse yet, ignored.

Multimedia Resource

My iPhone. 

Blog / Podcast

Social Media Examiner

Mentioned In This Episode


John Lewis Advert 2014 Monty The Penguin: Click here to view    (26M views)

John Lewis Advert 2015 Man on The Moon:  22M views since 11/4/15


Carnivore Club – F-Up Insurance

The video itself didn’t get a ton of views but ancillary benefits from the outreach and influencers that created more videos all adds up. If you search Carnivore Club on YouTube you’ll see a lot of videos from a variety of sources.

Of course, Dollar Shave Club


Crazier videos – 2 videos Supercool recently wrote and produced but they haven’t been aggressively promoted / marketed

Guardians of Valor

Monster Castle


Twitter: @DavidMurdico

David Murdico LinkedIn Profile 

Super Cool Creative Website


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Phoebe Chongchua

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