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To connect with customers you have to touch your customers’ hot button. But first, you must know your target audience well and where to find them. PR expert, Joan Stewart, shares her top tips and insights on marketing. 

Publicity expert Joan Stewart, also known as The Publicity Hound, is a coach and mentor who works with business owners just like you who want to use free publicity from traditional and social media. She teaches you how to establish your credibility, enhance your reputation, position yourself as an expert, and sell more products and services.

She has worked with thousands of CEOs, nonprofit executives, authors, speakers and experts who needed to tell their story to the world. And she has helped her clients pitch themselves to the media to get onto “Good Morning America” and onto the front page of The  Wall Street Journal. She is the author of four ebooks on publicity and is quoted in more than 60 books on marketing, public relations and small business. Sign up for her free email tips at http://PublicityHound.com. She lives in Port Washington, Wis., where her dog, Bogie, takes her on walks twice a day.

Think Like A Journalist Quote

“Good marketing makes the company look smart. Great marketing makes the customer feel smart.” – Joe Chernov

Success Quote

Always be marketing.

Career Highlight

Joan received a call from a top CPA. He asked her to speak at his event. Find out how she developed a business relationship via email marketing. Hear why this marketing method is so profitable for her.

When It Didn’t Work!

Joan found that trying to create her own products but found that hers weren’t meeting her sales expectations. Instead, she sought joint ventures and affiliate products to promote. Hear what

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why she actively seeks out joint venture programs.

know your target audience intimately and define your target market with precision

Who Is Your Target Market & How Do You Find Them

  1. You’re not only finding them, you have to position yourself on how they can find you?
  2. Be in 50 LinkedIn groups. Be very active in the top 5 groups.
  3. Being in more groups allows you to be more discoverable.
  4. Who are the people you have a problem that you can solve? What’s the keyword you can use?
  5. In LinkedIn use groups to ask your questions as well as answer other people’s questions.
  6. Try MeetUp for public speakers.
  7. Use Google: Discussion boards in forums.
  8. Create the ideal buyer persona.
  9. Find out where your buyer persona is and where they like to “hang out” online.
  10. Search iTunes Podcast directory: find podcasts within your niche.

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The New Rules of Marketing: fifth edition

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Phoebe Chongchua
Phoebe Chongchua

Phoebe Chongchua is a multimedia Brand Journalist, Brand Consultant & Marketing Strategist who is revolutionizing brand communication with consumers. She makes companies remarkable using brand journalism storytelling to grow their online presence, build a community, and gain greater market share. Phoebe is a former TV News journalist who helps brands gain a competitive advantage by learning to "Be the Media". Phoebe is the host of "The Brand Journalism Advantage" podcast and a "Top 50 Podcaster To Follow". Listen in iTunes or at ThinkLikeAJournalist.com

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