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Using automation technology to grow and increase productivity. Find out what you should do before you start automation and what you should watch out for to avoid failing. Adam Callinan co-founder of BottleKeeper which is an ecommerce Website that can be run completely from an iPhone shares how he started his online business.

Adam Callinan is a co-founder at BottleKeeper, the fast-paced and sarcasm-infused solution to the warm beer and broken bottle epidemics that have plagued the world for centuries. Adam is also a founding partner at Beachwood Ventures, a Los Angeles-based early-stage and non-traditional venture-capital firm at the intersection of technology and entertainment. As an entrepreneur, Adam has spent over a decade building small businesses in and around technology, medical devices and consumer products, which most recently includes an exit in 2013.

Think Like A Journalist Quote

“Living and dreaming are two different things–but you can’t do one without the other.” –Malcom Forbes

Success Quote

Career Highlight

Adam is knee-deep in his career highlight. He created a consumer product and automated the sales of it without employees.

When It Didn’t Work!

Adam launched BottleKeeper using crowdfunding but experience delays with manufacturing but he ran into issues with shipping. Find out what happened when it didn’t work and what he should have done. 

Business Automation To Grow Your Business

  1. Start simple: Identify one product. One size. One color.
  2. Leverage current technology: you don’t have to have a custom Website built for ecommerce.
  3. Do A/B Testing: using tools like Optimizely
  4. Rewards program: this is one of the most important automated tools.
  5. Use video marketing: Facebook and Instagram have put a huge priority on video. Consumers are more engaged with video so there is a greater chance for a wider audience.
  6. Organic referral system generates about 30% of our sales. Learn the value of customer marketing.

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Slack, Zendesk, Shopify, iPhone, Laptop

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Twitter @Adam_Callinan

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