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Many brands are building content marketing teams and brand newsrooms. Dayna Rothman shares her strategy on how to staff & structure your content team for success. Find out who should hire and what types of people you’ll need to create winning inbound marketing strategies.

Dayna Rothman is the Director of Content and Social at the predictive analytics company, EverString. Prior to EverString, Dayna ran content strategy and thought leadership at Marketo for over three years.  Dayna is also the author of Lead Generation for Dummies and numerous courses, including Content Marketing Fundamentals and Blogging for Business. Dayna has an MBA from Golden Gate University and lives in Oakland, CA with her husband and dogs Eggs and Omelette.

Think Like A Journalist Quote

“Of all things I have done, the most vital is coordinating the talents of those who work for us and pointing them toward a certain goal.” –Walt Disney

Success Tip

If you don’t feel scared in a role then you’re probably not being challenged.

 Career Highlight

Find out what writing her 300+ page Dummies book taught her and why it was a career highlight for her. Hear how it helped her personal and professional life.

When It Didn’t Work

Find out what happened when Dayna didn’t first make sure she understood her stakeholders when she was working with a client. Hear how it impacted a campaign she was working on and what she learned from it.

How To Staff & Structure Your Content Marketing Team

  1. Look for content marketers who have a background in journalism.
  2. Your team members should be well organized and have the ability to juggle multiple projects.
  3. Staff should have the desire to learn and be curious.
  4. Team should have hire energy.
  5. Don’t discount people who don’t have long history in content marketing. Remember, this department is relatively new.
  6. Consider the structure for your content team.
  7. Decide which department to put that team of people and who they’ll report to within the company.
  8. Include executives and stakeholders in meetings that explain the content marketing roadmap.
  9. When using external agencies or freelancers include them into as many meetings as possible to allow them to gain an understanding about your brand and the tone of the messaging for stories.
  10. Bring in guest bloggers from your affiliates who can help improve your content on your blog.

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Twitter @DayRoth

Phoebe Chongchua
Phoebe Chongchua

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