How To Sell Anything By Sharing Knowledge, Anthony Iannarino, TBJApodcast 135
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Help solve customers biggest challenges by sharing knowledge. Anthony Iannarino shares his tops tips for selling and using online content marketing to reach customers.

Anthony Iannarino is the Managing Director of B2B Sales Coach & Consultancy, a boutique sales coaching and consulting firm. Anthony works with well-known, Fortune 500 sales organizations like Accenture, IDEXX, Abbot  Laboratories, CH  Robinson, as well as some lesser known, exceptional sales organizations with revenues between 100 Million and 1 Billion in annual sales. He helps his clients produce greater sales results by developing custom consulting and coaching programs that improve individual sales representative performance, by developing and  providing tools  and  methodologies for  more  effective sales management, and  through executive level coaching to senior management. He blogs at the

Think Like A Journalist Quote

“It is not your customer’s job to remember you. It is your obligation and responsibility to make sure they don’t have the chance to forget you.” –Patricia Fripp, Speaker & Coach

Career Highlight

Hear how Anthony got interested in sales and began a successful sales and further supported his career when he started blogging daily. 

When It Didn’t Work

Hear how Anthony lost a million-dollars in business because he didn’t help pay attention and help his customers fully understand the business deal.

Top Tips
  1. Everything that comes into your life is content at some level.
  2. Think about how buyers buy.
  3. Think about how to satisfy the customer.
  4. Create value. Give insight away.
  5. Tell people what the tradeoffs are so they can understand the importance of their decision.
  6. Create content that shares your knowledge and information.
  7. Find your dream clients and create the most value for them.

The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, Stephen Covey


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Phoebe Chongchua
Phoebe Chongchua

Phoebe Chongchua is a multimedia Brand Journalist, Brand Consultant & Marketing Strategist who is revolutionizing brand communication with consumers. She makes companies remarkable using brand journalism storytelling to grow their online presence, build a community, and gain greater market share. Phoebe is a former TV News journalist who helps brands gain a competitive advantage by learning to "Be the Media". Phoebe is the host of "The Brand Journalism Advantage" podcast and a "Top 50 Podcaster To Follow". Listen in iTunes or at

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