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Want to know what great brands do? Author Denise Lee Yohn shares what differentiates great brands from all the rest. Get her strategies and tips, and learn why communicating the brand experience must be part of your key messaging.

Denise Lee Yohn shares Blending a fresh perspective, twenty-five years of experience, and a talent for inspiring audiences, Denise Lee Yohn is a leading authority on building and positioning exceptional brands. Denise initially cultivated her brand-building approaches through several high-level positions in advertising and client-side marketing. She served as lead strategist at advertising agencies for Burger King and Land Rover and as the marketing leader and analyst for Jack in the Box restaurants and Spiegel catalogs. Denise went on to head Sony Electronic Inc.’s first ever brand office, where she was the vice president/general manager of brand and strategy and garnered major corporate awards.  An influential writer, Denise enjoys challenging readers to think differently about brand-building. She regularly contributes to Harvard Business Review, Forbes, Seeking Alpha, appears on FOX Business TV, and is the writer of the popular monthly column Brand New Perspectives to QSR Magazine. Denise penned the best-selling book What Great Brands Do: The Seven Brand-Building Principles that Separate the Best from the Rest (Jossey-Bass). In 2008 she launched her blog, brand as business bites™, which the Marketing Executives Networking Group (MENG) named as one of the top 20 marketing blogs.

Think Like A Journalist

“Stories are not indicators, they ARE the organization.” –David M. Boje, Professor of management at New Mexico State

Success Quote

“Feel the fear and do it anyway.” –Denise Lee Yohn

Career Highlight

Leaving her successful career and moving into entrepreneurship. Hear how Denise challenged herself to move beyond her fear and do what she loves.

When It Didn’t Work

Denise really wanted to write a book but she was running into walls and getting frustrated because editors and publishers weren’t picking up her book. Find out what she had to do to convince a publisher to give her a chance. Hear what she learned from the process.

Top Tips
  1. Great brands start their brand building inside their organization. Think first about your brand’s culture.
  2. Great brands avoid selling products. They seduce through emotion and create experiences that make people want to buy.
  3. Great brands ignore trends or even challenge trends.
  4. Great brands don’t chase customers. Great brands are selective.
  5. Great brands sweat the small stuff; they pay attention to details.
  6. Great brands listen!

Understand the reader and what they really want to know and learn from you instead of just writing what you think they need to know.

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Phoebe Chongchua
Phoebe Chongchua

Phoebe Chongchua is a multimedia Brand Journalist, Brand Consultant & Marketing Strategist who is revolutionizing brand communication with consumers. She makes companies remarkable using brand journalism storytelling to grow their online presence, build a community, and gain greater market share. Phoebe is a former TV News journalist who helps brands gain a competitive advantage by learning to “Be the Media”. Phoebe is the host of “The Brand Journalism Advantage” podcast and a “Top 50 Podcaster To Follow”. Listen in iTunes or at ThinkLikeAJournalist.com

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