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Jason Miller shares strategies to cut through the fluff, build your funnel & drive sales with content marketing. Learn his top tips and the questions you must ask before you create content. Learn how to build a funnel.

“Instead of thinking like a marketer which only gets you so far, we actually published like a publisher. I want to own the conversation of ‘How do I market on LinkedIn?’ and I want to be the best answer to this question. So we literally wrote the book.” Jason Miller

Jason Miller is the author of the Amazon #1 Best Seller Welcome to the Funnel. He leads global content and social initiatives for LinkedIn Marketing Solutions helping marketers understand how to use LinkedIn to achieve their marketing goals and deliver real ROI. Previously he was the senior manager of social media strategy at Marketo and responsible for leading the company’s global content and social media efforts. Before entering the B2B space, he spent ten years at Sony developing and executing marketing campaigns around the biggest names in music. When he is not building campaigns, creating remarkable content, and tracking the ROI of social, he is winning awards as a concert photographer, singing 80’s metal karaoke, and winning at Seinfeld trivia. Jason is a frequent contributor to Content Marketing Institute, Social Media Examiner, Marketing Profs, Copyblogger, and has presented at numerous industry conferences including Dreamforce, Social Media Marketing World , Social Fresh, Microsoft Convergence, Inbound, and more.

Success Tip

If you can figure out how to inject your personality into your content, you can stand out. From Ann Handley.

Career Highlight

Jason successfully transitioned from being a musician to the content marketing space. Find out how he did it and what he learned from it and how ended up merging his love for music with his writing career.

When It Didn’t Work

Jason dropped out of his Masters degree program and instead took some digital courses at UC Berkeley. At first quitting the Masters program seemed like a bad idea but his go-getter mentality and an online extension program that he enrolled in drove him to find his way out of music and into his career today. Find out what he learned from discounting the traditional way to get ahead and instead fast-tracked his career thanks in large part to Twitter and his blog, Rock’N Roll Cocktail.

Top Tips
  1. Make your content relevant.
  2. Search the Web and LinkedIn to market on on LinkedIn.
  3. Write intent-based content. Make helpful guides.
  4. Answer the questions that customers have better than anyone else.
  5. Slice and dice your content from a bigger piece of content to make smaller pieces of content that drive traffic back to the larger piece of content.
Multimedia Resource



Content Rules by Ann Handley and C.C. Chapman

Ignore Everybody by Hugh MacLeod

Pulse app for personalized content feeds

SpinalTap Mockumentary


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