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Save money & grow your brand when you learn how to hire the right talent for your company. Why you must think long-term to fill a position and what you need to know about the future of hiring from HR expert, Brandon Moreno.

Brandon Moreno is a distinguished HR and Talent executive with 20 years of impressive achievements leading and developing entrepreneurial and global teams. He is a pioneer on developing and implementing leading edge recruitment strategies, technologies, and tools that connect the right talent to an organization. Currently, he leads the Talent Acquisition function at Herbalife International. Brandon is passionate about optimizing team performance with his unique influencing, coaching, and mentoring abilities that lead and build highly effective teams in order to enhance the value of Human Capital. With deep domain knowledge in talent and innovation, change management and operational effectiveness, Brandon provides HR and talent leadership for emerging and leading edge companies. He has an innate ability to deliver proven results to organizations seeking a strategic people leader that requires building out strong global teams, creating a robust talent pipeline, enhancing the quality of hires, and improving the candidate experience. As a former HR Professional of the Year, he has worked with executives, teams, and professionals from organizations such as Qualcomm, Nokia, Toyota/Lexus, Sony, and many more!
Brandon is a featured thought leader on the upcoming docufilm, Talent Attraction, a film by Chris LaVoie and is a regularly featured speaker.

Think Like A Journalist Quote

“Management is efficiency in climbing the ladder of success; leadership determines whether the ladder is leaning against the right wall.” –Stephen Covey

Success Tip or Quote

“Be a good leader now because when you are a manger of people you will be the topic of  conversation at the dinner table.” –Ken Blanchard

Career Highlight

As a HR and Talent executive, Brandon is making a huge difference in people’s lives. He helps organizations save money and brings new insights into the businesses.
He won HR Professional of the Year by the San Diego Business Journal.

When It Didn’t Work

Find out what went wrong when Brandon was running his own business and why he walked away from a seven-figure business. Find out what went wrong and what he learned from it.

Top Tips
  1. Know your culture. It’s not the same as your brand. What’s your employee proposition?
  2. Companies must define their culture.
  3. Is it traditional or social?
  4. As a leader what are you comfortable with: do you want to empower your employees?
  5. Know what your company image is not just how it’s perceived.
  6. Does your image mirror what others outside of your company say about your culture?
  7. Know what your community image? How are you perceived in the community?
  8. Know your demographics: 56% of workforce will be millennials by end of 2015.
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Outwitting the Devil by Sharon Lechter
Culture Trumps Everything by Dr. Gustavo


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