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Jonathan O'Byrne on The Brand Journalism Advantage PodcastJonathan O’Byrne grew Collective Works in just two years from 2,500 to over 11,000 square feet. The co-work space has high-performing entrepreneurs from over 90 companies in  20 countries. Hear how he successfully launched his brand.

 Think Like A Journalist Quote

“You know you’re doing what you love when Sunday nights feel the same as Friday nights….” ―Donny Deutsch, Donny Deutsch’s Big Idea: How To Make Your Entrepreneurial Dreams Come True, From The AHA Moment To Your First Million

Jonathan O’Byrne is an Entrepreneur and a Designer. He graduated with distinction from the prestigious Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design and the London College of Fashion with a Degree in Fashion Promotion. Jonathan is a life long expatriate having lived and worked on three continents. He is the founder of Collective Works, Singapore’s largest and fastest growing Coworking space catering to high performing entrepreneurs. In the two years since launch, Collective Works has grown from 2,500 to over 11,000 square feet and now comprises of a community of over 90 companies from 20 countries. Jonathan was recently awarded the ‘Small Business Rising Star’ award at the 15th Annual Business Awards, he Chairs the Entrepreneur and Small business Committee at the British Chamber of Commerce and is the Author of Coworking Corp – Why coworking spaces need to behave like corporations so their members don’t have to.

Success Quote/Tip
Career Highlight

A personal struggle was the moment of discovery for Jonathan. It caused him to make a critical pivot in his career which has created great success in his life. Listen to hear his story.

When It Didn’t Work

When Jonathan graduated in 2008, his guaranteed job with one of the largest global banks, disappeared due to the financial crisis. It was a sobering moment for this highly successful grad who had spent years interning for the bank. Find out what he did next.

Top Tips
  1. As the owner of your company, remember that you are the brand.
  2. Be flexible and able to pivot in your career.
  3. Owning a business is a lesson in your own inadequacies.
  4. Right people in the right places. Higher for temperament. Make sure you put people in the right jobs to ensure happiness and success.
  5. Remember not everyone is like you.
  6. Observe, Refine. Observe, Refine and Anticipate need.
Multimedia Resource

GTD: Getting Things Done by David Allen

Birkman Profiles

Book, Documentary, Podcast, Internet Channel

CNBC The Leaders – The Secrets To Their Success

Tipping Point by Malcolm Gladwell

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HackerSpace, Singapore

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Twitter: @JonathanOByrne

Collective Works LinkedIn Profile

Collective Works

Jonathan O'Byrne on The Brand Journalism Advantage Podcast
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Phoebe Chongchua

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