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Particea Chow on The Brand Journalism Advantage PodcastEntrepreneur/Wellness Publisher, Patricea Chow, shares how to make your brand about serving for true success. She shares her top entrepreneurship tips on building an online business.

Patricia Chow is the Editor of the digital magazine: Wellness Way. The publication marries fashion and beauty with a holistic approach to living well. Based in Bali, Chow says the magazine aims to show that a fashionista can have healthy lifestyle choices and people who practice yoga and meditation can be stylish. Realizing that many current magazines are largely focused on one main topic: fashion, beauty or physical health. Wellness Way was created combine them into one publication and embrace holistic wellbeing. Feature articles on emotional/spiritual health and physical activities are included alongside snippets on the latest fashion and beauty trends, spa trends, dining and travel destinations, and personality Q&As. Patricia advocates paying attention to emotional and spiritual health together with physical health, while highlighting each person’s connection to our earth.

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“I can’t imagine a person becoming a success who doesn’t give this game of life everything he’s got.” –Walter Cronkite

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Building her online magazine.

When It Didn’t Work

Patricea shares how she suffered from brand confusion when she first launched her online publication. A good friend and marketer helped her think through and define her brand by asking these three questions:

Entrepreneurship Advice
  1. Know who you want your audience to be. Don’t be too broad. For instance, don’t just target females.
  2. The more specific the easier it is to tailor products/services/content to your market.
  3. Know whether you want your brand to be exclusive or accessible… think: H&M vs Gucci.
  4. Defining your audience determines your brand images and price point.
  5. If you want to be exclusive you can’t be everywhere.
  6. Know how your product will help or improve the life of others and why you’re operating your business.
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Patricea Chow on The Brand Journalism Advantage Podcast


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