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Eric Enge runs a digital marketing agency, Stone Temple. He shares tips on how to make SEO easier and how to understand Google analytics.

“Years ago SEO was like a game…,” Eric Enge.

The game has changed and you better understand SEO, Google Analytics, and Google Search Console to grow your Website traffic and your business.

Eric Enge publishes on a regular basis in The Stone Temple Blog, Digital Marketing Excellence blog, Search Engine Land, Forbes, and Copyblogger….to name a few… He is also lead co-author of The-Art-SEO-Theory-Practice. Eric is the CEO of Stone Temple Consulting, a 45+ person digital marketing agency based in Massachusetts.

Think Like A Journalist Quote

“The success of a page should be measured by one criteria: Does the visitor do what you want them to do?” –Aaron Wall – founder of SEO

Career Highlight

Eric accidentally landed in SEO and found that he loved marrying the tech and marketing side. Hear how he sold three different publishing companies that  he started from scratch and were driven by SEO. The first time was in 2002.

When It Didn’t Work

Eric refers this as “going to the well too often”. Find out what went wrong when he tried to build a fourth publishing company and things weren’t the right environment. Find out what happened when it didn’t work.

Top Tips

  1. Set up Google Search Console. This platform can help you understand what’s missing from your Website and how Google sees your Website. It will offer areas that you need to improve.
  2. Check how many pages google indexed. If then number is very low and you have plenty more pages…could be something wrong…this is a page health check…
  3. Analytics for your account…use it…organic search traffic…what pages are people landing on…which ones are most popular…how long are they spending on your website…improve from SEO and content.
  4. Create good content. Ask how many of your visitors who come to your Website are likely to be happy with what they see and read. Good content must be part of your Website. Take the time to create quality content. 
  5. Promote your Website. You must do a better job than the competition. Entice others to link to your Website. Use collaboration techniques and partners to help drive traffic to your Website. 

Watch Eric’s video tutorial on using Google Search Console and Google Analytics.

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