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Sue B Zimmerman on The Brand Journalism Advantage PodcastSue B. Zimmerman shares how she increased her business by 40 percent using Instagram and launched a new business as the InstagramGal, coaching small businesses on how to use Instagram. This show is packed with information and resources!

Sue B Zimmerman, aka the #InstagramGal and #TheInstagramExpert, is a master at Instagram for Business. She teaches entrepreneurs, business execs, and marketing professionals how powerful Instagram for business can be. Sue B. is the founder of the online Instagram course Insta-Results, the author of the #1 eBook Instagram Basics for your Business, a Speaker and Business Coach. She also has a number one course on Creative Live: Instagram Marketing For Business.

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 Think Like A Journalist quote

“We just thought this is going to be the fastest way we can cover this and it’s the most direct route,” that’s Time Magazine’s director of photography, Kira Pollack, talking about the magazine’s Instagram coverage of Hurricane Sandy. She’s quoted in an article in Forbes Magazine by Jeff Bercovici. Time used Instagram to get the breaking news photos out to readers quickly via Instagram.

Success Tip
Career Highlight

Learned about Instagram from her twin daughters and started using it for her store Sue B. Do in Cape Cod. Her social media efforts increased her store’s sales by 40 percent.

When It Didn’t Work

Sue has had 18 businesses but not all have been successful. She tells how she learned to keep things in balance even in difficult times. How to let go of a business, move on, and reinvent herself to become successful in the next venture.

Instagram Advice for Brand Journalism
  1. Start your Instagram account marked as private until you load some content
  2. Come up with hashtags that are broad and specific to your industry and brand
  3. Don’t use all 30 hashtags, instead use a handful
  4. Post your hashtags into the comments NOT the original post. Doing this allows you to change your hashtags and get your post to the top of a feed using hashtags.
  5. Have a strong bio for Instagram that is easy to read.
  6. Have a strong call-to-action in your bio.
  7. Use a link to shorten your hyperlink in your bio.
  8. Don’t send all your Instagram posts to your other social media platforms. Strategically share some of content but make your Instagram followers feel special by understanding that they’ll only get some of this content on Instagram.
  9. Use If This, Then That (Web-based software to create an action trigger). See below, Resource Links for more details.
  10. Claim your hashtags.
Fact articles on Instagram

Instagram is the 21st most popular site in the U.S. – 41st globally, read the article.

Multimedia Resource

Smartphone. Reflector app, for mirroring your screen. Yeti microphone.

Resource Links

Article on Shelfies

Article on Instagram, Washington Post

Instagram @TedRubin

Creative Live: Live Streaming of training seminars

Claim your hashtag:

Canva photo editing app

Word Swag app

Instagram @DunkinDonuts

Book, documentary, or Internet Channel to watch?

Crush It: Why Now Is The Time To Cash In On Your Passion, Gary Vaynerchuck

Start With Why, Simon Sinek

Book Yourself Solid, Michael Port

Link Shortener:


Steve Dotto Tech, YouTube

If This, Then That


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Share this Show @SueBZimmerman #suebtips on #Instagram for your #business

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