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Stacy Conlon on The Brand Journalism Advantage PodcastStacy Conlon traveled for three years to 22 countries. Her journey became the catalyst that taught her to combine her marketing background with her zen lifestyle to launch a business to help brand wellness companies.

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Stacy Conlon is the founder and CEO of The Zen Media Group LLC, a strategic digital marketing consulting firm based near San Francisco, California that serves the spa and wellness industries. Known as “The Zen Girl” in the social media world, she has 14 years of experience in spa and hospitality sales and marketing, and is also a Certified Wellness Coach. Stacy has presented seminars and webinars for organizations worldwide including The Lean Startup, The International Spa Association, Esthetique …est ta-tique…SPA International, Spa Exec, The Leading Spas of Canada and the Spa Education Forum inspired by the Global Spa and Wellness Summit. Stacy also writes for online and print publications including American Spa Magazine, Pulse Magazine, Northside Magazine, Spa Trade, Universal Companies, Travel to Wellness and Wellness Tourism Worldwide. As an expert marketing strategist and wellness coach, Stacy combines wisdom that comes from her strong skill set in delivering spa and wellness business solutions with her unique talent as a trained wellness practitioner. Stacy helps her clients get clear, stay focused, take action… and get fantastic results!

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Success Tip

What is non-essential? What can you strip away?

Career Highlight

Taking time off to travel for several years and then finally launched her brand The Zen Girl with the setup of her twitter handle.

When It Didn’t Work

Stacy started her own business but didn’t have the right business model in place. Find out why it wasn’t scalable and what she did to change her career path.

Brand Journalism & Marketing Advice

Find out what you can scale to succeed in business.

Take downtime to discover what’s most important to you.

Choose businesses that will bring you joy.

Know when you need help and hire a business coach.

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Twitter @TheZenGirl

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Stacy Conlon on The Brand Journalism Advantage Podcast


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Phoebe Chongchua

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