Shot with the iPhone X

When I started out in video journalism/brand journalism, video production, website development and social media, I found that I had to search the Web for hours or even days at a time to get the answers I needed. I often I would buy equipment only to find out that it wasn't right for the need I had. I had no way of knowing this except through trial and many errors. I've learned a lot and now can travel any where in the world with gear ranging from high-end to minimalist (but still high quality, thanks to the iPhone.) There are times when you need less to actually get better and more quality footage. I teach you how to do that using your iPhone or smartphone. Today, everyone is a storyteller (or should be!). The world of broadcasting is no longer just for the news Media. You are a brand and you have a story to let me show you how to create the best story and use the right gear to do it.  I've compiled this page of resources for you. Many of these resources are tools that help give my business a competitive advantage and that's why I highly recommend them. Some of the resources have been recommended to me by other thought leaders. I may earn a commission if you use services from some of these affiliate links, but that does not increase the cost of the product/service. I really appreciate you using my links.  :) If you have a question, please contact me by using the Contact page or my Twitter the fastest way to reach me and start a conversation.

Shot with iPhone X, color corrected with iPhone X, touched up with ArcSoft Portrait+

Video Services: Video Storytelling & Video Marketing 

Live Fit Films is the parent company of The Brand Journalism Advantage. 

Live Fit FilmsLive Fit Films is a full-service, multimedia, brand journalism marketingagency specializing video storytelling and video marketing.  We produce: documentaries, public service announcements, videos for the web and TV.

We offer online distribution through the Web, TV, Radio, Print, and our Internet TV station, PCIN.TV, which features video and articles from our Media publications, Live Fit Magazine and The Plant-Based Diet. Visit our YouTube channels Live Fit Magazine, The Plant-Based Diet TV, and Think Like A Journalist.

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iPhone Video & Photography Gear


iKan Fly X3 Plus or Lanparte LA3d-S2 both are gimbals

SmartLav+ Mic


Shotgun microphone for your smartphone. This works well for those times when you don't want to use a lavaliere microphone. It's made by Rode. Get it here: Rode VideoMic Me Directional Microphone for Smart Phones


The iKan Fly X3 Plus.  The other device shown in the demo footage below features the shoulder pod. It’s also a great tool but is not a gimbal. It gives you a better grip for shooting with your iPhone and also has a nice feature. The cap screws off and the stick can then attach to any traditional tripod, which comes in handy for two-shot interviews.

The second option for a gimbal is the Lanparte LA3D-S2 basically works the same way as the iKan Fly. Both devices require balancing the iPhone so that it doesn’t flop around. This can be a bit tedious but it’s worth it. The footage will be much smoother using the gimbal. See this video for demo footage of the iKan Fly and the ShoulderPod.

For audio, I recommend the SmartLav+ Mic made by Rode. It attaches to the iPhone.

Here is the full story shot using the above gear and edited on both the iPhone and MacBook Pro in Final Cut Pro X

Need Simple, Low-Cost Podcasting Equipment?

Below I give my recommendation. It'll get you started without a major investment and you'll still have sound quality that is professional. This desktop setup is good for your office or home. If you're traveling you'll have a portable mic stand that comes with the AT2005USB mic. It's not great, but is very light and in a pinch, it'll work. You can also later upgrade to better portable options.

I recommend this setup:

SOCIAL MEDIA TOOL KIT I love this social media CRM for several reasons. It allows me to keep track of my community and not miss what influencers are saying about important industry news or my brand. It shortens the amount of time I need to spend on Twitter to be effective, engaged, and present. It's practically impossible to do what you can do on on Twitter alone. Try it, and tell me what you think. Use this link to get 50% off the Business Plan (the plan I use to run my brand and my clients' brand feeds).




Microphones:  Here are two of my favorites. For those on a budget or those who are on location a lot, you can get the AudioTechnica for under $100, AudioTechnica 2005USB is plug and play with your laptop. You can also use it with recorder devices for field reporting. See Recorders below. The bundle package is an excellent value and makes it very portable. I highly recommend protecting your gear, so the Kit is quite nice:  AudioTechnica 2005USB Kit. When in studio, I use and love my: Heil PR-40. You don't have to have radio station studio with a soundproofed room to make this dynamic microphone sound great. Give it a go and you'll see why it's a few hundred dollars...still an excellent price for the high quality. Splurge on this and you won't regret it. I promise! Other Options AudioTechnica ATR2100-USB  or   Sennheiser  microphones which I use for TV broadcast productions as well as when shooting with my DSLRs. Recorder: Zoom H4n or  Zoom H1 External hard drives: LaCie and G-TechnologyiPhone (smartphone) Video Equipment Rode SmartLav+ – Connects directly into your iPhone for recording audio and using while shooting video on iPhone Shoulderpod – For steady shooting. Makes holding the iPhone for video shooting and still photography a breeze; keeps you steady. Selfie Stick – A must not only for capturing video/photos of you but also for high and low angles. I use this a lot when shooting on location and in odd places like riding on elephants or in trees. See Videos shot and edited exclusive with iPhone6+ while on location in Thailand

Software & Tools To Help You Publish Like A Pro

Editing Software

Non-Linear Editing Software: Apple's FCPX & Compressor Video converter: Turbo.264HD by Elegato

Website Hosting

Web Hosting: HostGator


Audio & Video Creation, Distribution & Hosting: Libsyn Distribution: iTunes Microphone: Audio-technica AT2005 USB USB Interface: M-AudioGuest Headset: Logitech ClearChat Comfort USB Headset

Business Tools

Internet Audio & Video Calls, Instant Text: Skype Schedule & Track Emails: Boomerang Automated Emailing: Drip 

Website Plugins

The best plugin for opt-in forms for your Website: OptinSkin

Website Landing Page Templates

Landing Pages or complete Website: Optimize Press is one of my favorites. I typically always install it and find that it works great with WordPress. You can very easily build Web pages that attract and help convert leads into sales using Optimize Press. Plus, it's highly affordable, check out their pricing here. Two others you can try for landing pages are listed below. I've heard good things but haven't used them:  GetResponse,   Instapage 

Website Theme Templates: Envato

These days beautiful, fully responsive Websites can be made fairly quickly and simply by starting out with the best template. Finding Website templates used to be a huge chore but today, I find them easily using one of my favorite marketplaces. Envato. Here Are Five Key Tips To Consider Before Purchasing A Website Template:

  1. Make sure you know which Website builder platform you plan to use the template on before you buy it. For instance, is it WordPress or Squarespace?
  2. Understand what the template can and can't do for you. This is specially important if you're not a Web developer and want to use it basically "as-is".
  3. Read the reviews and preview the working template. This will give you a better understanding of what it may do for your Website.
  4. Check to see how responsive the developer is to comments and questions. Many times, I've emailed the developer, not all are responsive but some do a fabulous job of helping out and answering questions.
  5. Check to see how engaged the developer is and how often the developer updates the template. If your Website builder platform upgrades, will the template continue to work with it?

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      Podcast Services & Training

  • Podcast Consulting
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  • Video and/or Audio podcast equipment
  • Podcast Editing
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