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Rakhal Ebeli headshot, founder NewsmodoRakhal Ebeli, a former TV News Reporter, shares how he founded the company Newsmodo that helps match journalists with companies that need content created for their organization. He shares his journey into entrepreneurship and how he’s pioneering a new type of company in the media industry.

Rakhal Ebeli is an award-winning journalist and presenter. He founded Newsmodo after more than a decade working with one of Australia’s highest rated broadcasters. He is deeply committed to building new opportunities and global solutions, having seen a rapid shift in the news industry first hand. A passionate leader, Rakhal engages communities and organisations, sharing his vision to develop and build the world’s largest network of freelance journalists and connecting them with publishers and brands through  Listen to his story.

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Think Like A Journalist Quote

“ And if you are the right personality type, it can be an incredibly rewarding and profitable career move.” ~Alyssa Goldman

Success Tip

You don’t know what you don’t know.

Career Highlight

Getting feedback from journalists who are getting jobs after being on Newsmodo.

Brand Journalism Advice
  • Best way to make a lasting change is to engage by telling a story.
  • Brands that will be doing the best will be the companies that talk about other things than just their products and services. The focus must be on helping the consumer and providing news and information relevant to the brand.
  • Companies need to be transparent.
  • A journalist’s content is or about engagement and information rather than just selling product.
Think Like A Journalist

Clearly get information about the company to the right people in the community.

Multimedia Resource

iPhone 6

Multimedia Book, Documentary, or Channel


Resource Links

ANZ BlueNotes, brand journalism site


Twitter @rakhalebeli 

Rakhal Ebeli LinkedIn Profile


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Interview with Rakhal Ebeli on The Brand Journalism Advantage Podcast (photo collage)
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Phoebe Chongchua

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