Phoebe Chongchua is a multimedia Brand Journalist who loves to tell stories, craft brand strategies, and help brands gain exposure. She's a Top 50 Podcaster to Follow.  On her Internet radio show, The Brand Journalism Advantage podcast, she shares how brands can gain a Competitive Advantage using content marketing, social media, PR, video storytelling, and more. Give it a listen, you're sure to take away some great business tips.


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Article in  How To Make Your Personal Brand Newsworthy
JKL Wealth Management: Video series on Website
Due to the nature of this type of industry, a high-level of attention and detail was necessary to produce quality content (interviews and scripts) that also conformed to the financial industries regulations. I'm very good at working in these types of fields and producing content of interest.
I have written hundreds of real estate articles for Realty Times and other publications. I have also been published in Donald Trumps book, TRUMP: The Best Real Estate Advice I Ever Received.
Landing page copy and design:  Remodeling Industry   Home Decor Retail Store
I work well within the company structure and help ensure quality content is produced according to the style guidelines of a particular brand to keep its voice cohesive as well as following the AP Stylebook (or the style guide that your company chooses).

Camp OnwardA Magical Place

Yoga FestivalOne Love Movement

GI Bill Helps Navy VetCulinary School

Why Natural RugsRug Company

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ABOUT PHOEBE CHONGCHUA Phoebe Chongchua is an author and has articles in numerous publications. She's a former TV Newscaster and Reporter for the ABC affiliate in San Diego (10News).


  • Multimedia Content Creation
  • Video Storytelling & Editing
  • Blogging, Articles, Website Content
  • Media Coaching & On-Camera Training
  • Brand Analysis & Brand Journalism Content
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Public Relations
  • Speaking Services: MC, Moderator, TV Host, Commercials, Keynotes, Seminars
  • Podcast Coaching & Interview Training


Phoebe brings impeccable integrity, wisdom, and dedication to everything she does. She is a fabulous motivational speaker, writer, and educator. Her personality and stage presence are exceptional.


Brook Montagna, Mindful Life Coaching

Phoebe’s passion and dedication to community issues was instrumental in the success of the Team10 Foster Fund, a scholarship program supporting the needs of former foster youth in San Diego. As a project partner, Phoebe raised community awareness about the challenges these young adults face and in just two short years helped the Child Abuse Prevention Foundation provide nearly $130,000 in scholarships to 30 young adults continuing their education beyond high school. Phoebe is a powerful speaker with great compassion who not only connects with the individuals we serve, but also motivates event audiences and individuals to make our community a better place to live.

Leona Sublett, Child Abuse Prevention Foundation

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“Phoebe’s unique insight and personal stories of triumph, fears, strength, and wisdom will capture the hearts and minds of people everywhere. Her Worriless Life Exercises will help and inspire you in your own life journey.” - Lisa Vander, author of the Real Guide to Making Millions Through Real Estate

“I personally follow many of Phoebe’s principles for positive living and know the techniques she shares in her book can produce a successful life filled with abundance and prosperity.” - Jay Robb, clinical nutritionist and author of the FRUIT-FLUSH 3-Day Detox.

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