A Book To Help You Reduce Worry, Balance Life And Work, And Achieve Prosperity

Every once in a while a special book comes along that provides a practical approach with specific tools to help us deal with stress and authenticate our lives. You’ll be delighted to find this book is a resourceful treasure. Sometimes we all need a little push to live the lives we intend and achieve happiness. This unique book contains a no-fail formula for your inspiration and success. It will help you trash your worries and make room for treasures in your life. Phoebe Chongchua has a diverse background as a TV newscaster/reporter and speaker. Her broad experience dealing with a wide range of successful to down-and-out people with multiple life problems has provided in-depth research that enabled her to develop the 14 Worriless principles that all successful people practice.

"The simple precepts in this book are vital guidelines, a useful source to carry with you to empower your life."

- Peter Economy, Best Selling Author, The Management Bible

No Worries, 5 Steps To PEACE, Even In Chaos, Phoebe Chongchua

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"If you want a book that will easily and quickly take you from 'where you are' to 'where you want to go', you've discovered the treasure map to do so as you open this book."

- Michael Murphy, Author, Powerful Attitudes & Powerfirmations and Faithfirmations


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"I personally follow many of Phoebe's principles for positive living and knowing the techniques she shares in her book can produce a successful life filled with abundance and prosperity."

- Jay Robb, Clinical Nutritionist and author, FRUIT FLUSH 3-Day Detox


Phoebe believes that to achieve personal and professional success you have to limit fear and worry, live a balanced life, have laser-focused ambition, and be fit and healthy.

As a Brand Journalist and Consultant, Phoebe helps businesses keep their brand messages and social media platforms focused on their target audience. She helps brands attract, engage, and convert leads using journalistic storytelling.

Phoebe is also certified in Yoga and she is a Whole-Food, Plant-Based Specialist who is working on helping one million people learn to eat mostly plant-based. She inspires audiences to take action and achieve their personal and professional dreams.

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