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Lisa Arledge Powell gives advice on how to have more success at getting information to the public on a much larger scale using brand journalism and traditional media collaboration. She shares her personal experiences and useful tips that will prepare you for success whether you are a CEO of a company or a brand journalist.

Lisa Arledge Powell is the President of MediaSource, named 2013′s Best Health Care PR/Marketing Agency by Ragan Communications. Lisa, a former television news reporter, specializes in Brand Journalism and works with the nation’s top hospitals and brands to get their message to targeted audiences.

Think Like A Journalist Quote

“In marketing, you’re trained to leave out the bad and the ugly for good reason. You have to protect your company, your customers, your partners, and your shareholders. We’re learning that we have to let go a little, loosen up our collar a bit to reach our audience at their place and in a more conversational style that’s more condusive to dialogue and engagment.” —Annalise Camarillo at NetApp

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Success Tip

Figure out what you’re good at and then be the best at it.

Fitness Habit

Unplug, take a walk or unwind in your own way, and let inspiration come to you.

Career Highlight

Moved from Ohio to Texas to pursue her dreams, which led to where she is today. Eventually started a company called Media Source. About one year ago, decided to focus exclusively on brand journalism and since then has won several awards and is considered one of the top brand journalist companies.

When It Didn’t Work

Before her company started focusing solely on brand journalism, Media Source did not have a real defining trademark.

Brand Journalism Advice
  • Start with a great story.
  • Collaboration with traditional media is essential in brand journalism.
  • If you have a good story, bring it to the major news media’s attention on top of using brand journalism techniques for your own Website and social media platforms.
  • Identify what you’re good at and then focus strictly on that.
  • Hire a brand journalist to help you understand how to “Think Like A Journalist”.
  • Operate your company like a newsroom, utilizing your own staff to help contribute to weekly content.
  • Assign beats to staff members.
  • Get company’s leadership team to work and collaborate with brand journalists.

Brand Journalism Video Example

Multimedia Resource


Multimedia Book, Documentary, Internet Channel

Epic Content Markeing: How To Tell A Different Story, Break through The Clutter, And Win More Customers By Marketing Less by Joe Pulizzi 

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Brand Journalism video examples from Media Source


Media Source

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