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Jordan Fliegel on The Brand Journalism Advantage PodcastJordan Fliegel turned his passion into a business that’s helping others succeed by capitalizing on a huge market that was lacking an online presence.

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Jordan Fliegel, a former pro basketball player in Israel and Europe, is the Founder & President of CoachUp, the athlete training company, and Founder & General Manager of Bridge Boys, a small seed-stage investment fund in Boston, with over 30 portfolio investments to date. At CoachUp, he works alongside a team of incredibly talented people. Their mission is to help athletes reach the next level in sports and life. Reaching another level requires dedication and great coaching, and Jordan believes that athletes should be supported in working toward their dreams. With more than 25 employees, nearly $10 million in outside funding, and over 13,000 coaches across the country, Jordan says “It’s been fun watching CoachUp grow into a national movement.”

Think Like A Journalist

“The best way to communicate with people you are trying to lead is often through a story.” ~Stephen Denning.

Success Tip

Be authentic.

Career Highlight

Building up CoachUp. Find out how Jordan turned his passion into his business.

When It Didn’t Work
Brand Journalism & Marketing Advice
  1. Know how you define success.
  2. Understand if what you’re doing matches your mission.
  3. Find a way to help others succeed.
  4. Explore how you can further develop and industry by becoming a critical resource for those in it.
Multimedia Resource

iPhone. Evernote. Dropbox. Google Business apps.

Book, Documentary, Podcast, Internet Channel

The Score Takes Care Of Itself, Bill Walsh

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Twitter: @jfleeg

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Phoebe Chongchua

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