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Jeff Moore on The Brand Journalism Advantage PodcastJeff Moore shares how he’s successfully grown his two seafood companies by building valuable relationships with customers. Find out his key questions to engage and understand customers and their needs to help them achieve their goals.

Jeff Moore is President of two companies: International Pacific Seafoods, Inc. A global importer and processor of premium seafood to restaurants and resorts and Wild Things Seafood, an online provider of premium seafood, beef, lamb, poultry and clean and lean grass fed, organic and free range protein. Jeff is a Trusted advisor to Foodservice Distributors… Chain Restaurant Operators as well as various entrepreneurs and industry professionals from established enterprises in and outside of the food industry. Jeff is also Founder of an Entrepreneurial and Marketing Mastermind Group called Thursday Night Boardroom with over 450 members in 24 countries around the globe. Jeff is a business optimization and customer engagement expert who has worked for scores of businesses in dozens of industries discovering Hidden Pockets of Profit throughout their offers, marketing copy and supply chain as well as establishing enduring, trusted relationships. Jeff has discovered and refined a system called ValYOU.  This system of engagement has been used for centuries between a brand and its customers and is responsible for creating some of the most powerful, profitable and sustainable relationships in the world.

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Think Like A Journalist Quote

~Valeria Maltoni, author and strategist.

Success Tip

Establish an understanding of where customers are so that you can take customers exactly where they want/need to go.

Career Highlight

While selling to Cisco’s head of seafood. Jeff established a mastermind group (that had competing and collaborating seafood companies in it). The framework and business model of that Master Mind group lead to more than $700 million worth of sales for Cisco.

Jeff started Thursday Night Boardroom in 2010. The Master Mind group has grown from four people to more than 450 people in 24 countries.

When It Didn’t Work

Jeff got caught up trying to do too many things and lost his focus. Find out what he does to refocus and get back on track.

Brand Journalism & Marketing Advice

Ask key questions. Jeff uses critical questions to identify where customers are and help them understand their needs in order to help them achieve their goals.

  1. What are you using now?
  2. What are you doing with it?
  3. What is your potential weekly or monthly volume?
  4. Where are you getting the product now?
  5. What are you paying for the product/service?

Share information that is important to customer to help educate them about their product needs regardless of whether the customer is buying from your company. This builds trust and a valuable relationship.

To be successful build “relational capital”. ~Jay Abraham

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Jeff Moore on The Brand Journalism Advantage Podcast
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Phoebe Chongchua

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