How I Can Help Your Brand.

Podcast Consulting & Producing

Thinking about starting a podcast? There are a lot of things to consider and understand before you break out a microphone and hit the record button. Learn what works and what doesn't. Plus get a complete strategy for success including how to a launch and gain reviews and 5 star ratings in your first few days of a launching your podcast. Click here to learn how I can help.


How Video Helps Your Business

Online video marketing ad impressions surpassed 20 billion in 2013. YouTube received more than 1 billion unique users per month. They watch more than 6 billion hours of video. The shift from TV to digital viewing is growing at a rapid pace. Your company must be where consumers are–online.

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How We Work Together

  • Dig Deep: Find Company Treasures

    Every company must produce content constantly. Finding and telling your business stories create financial treasures. They’re the hook that draws consumers to you… and because the content lives on the Web, it works for your brand 24/7.  The problem is most companies have no idea what their story is or how to get their message to consumers. For decades, I’ve used Brand Journalism to increase exposure, gain loyal customers, and help brand companies. The results are Brand Evangelists who share your content.

  • Trusted Expert In Your Industry

    I help you become the trusted authority in your industry. You have the experience, products and services, but you must be seen online by consumers as that Trusted Expert and Thought Leader in your field. This requires a Brand Analysis, Brand Strategy, Brand Journalism content creation, and distribution. The result is company-owned and earned-media recognition. Consumers will see you as the go-to expert in your field.

  • Grow Your Tribe: Become An Influencer

    Your community of consumers (tribe) is the source for increased revenue. If you ignore building your tribe, your company will suffer. With Brand Journalism content, a Brand Journalism Strategy and, an Engagement Plan in place,  your tribe will know what to expect and will know, like and trust you. Consumers learns to count on your company for valuable information. You become an Influencer.

Services For Your Company & Team

  • Brand Journalism Coaching

    Learn to Think Like A Journalist. Brand Journalism Coaching is offered in every package. You’ll learn cutting-edge strategies and the latest information to connect and engage with consumers. Plus, basic storytelling principles and how to attract traditional media attention.

  • Media & Voiceover Coaching

    Today, everyone needs to be savvy in front of the camera. I have 20+ years of broadcasting experience. When you become my client, I share trade secrets to help improve your presentation style for the boardroom or the airwaves.  Prepare yourself for any Media situation. Get your team trained.

  • Brand Journalism Strategy

    I help your company find your news hook for stories to share about your company, brand, and industry. Stories that matter to consumers. Regularly releasing stories that help consumers, attracts them to your brand. You become a thought leader and influencer by solving consumer problems. Content Marketing and Brand Journalism are critical marketing tools to drive traffic to your Website, create engagement, and to increase your bottom line.


    When you become our client, your brand and video stories are featured in our online publications. The third-party endorsement from our Media publications: Live Fit Magazine and The Plant-Based Diet provide increased credibility and a big thumbs up for your brand. Stories are featured in our Internet network TV station, PCIN.TV.

Be the MEDIA

EC = MC or Every Company Equals A Media Company. Today, if you're not publishing content, you're missing out on opportunities to effectively showcase your expertise. Solve problems for consumers and they'll come to your company for products and services every time. Use Brand Journalism content to answers their questions and direct them toward helpful resources and solutions. This is the most effective marketing today!

Happy Clients

Joy Kilgore, President & Owner

I have so many good things to say about Phoebe and Live Fit Magazine. She is definitely a leading expert in the industry and I had a great time working with her on my journalism projects. If you have a story or message you want to convey, you've got to give Phoebe a call. I'm confident that you'll be completely satisfied with the end result of her services! I look forward to producing my next project with her this year!

Joy Kilgore, President & Owner, EBA PRIME
Dr. Lisa Weiss

“I can’t thank Phoebe enough for coming out to the office to film what we do here. She was very professional and put me at ease even though it can be hard to be in front of the camera. The video turned out very professional-looking and I am happy with the results. I am confident that the video will be a positive addition to the marketing efforts at my office. I would highly recommend Phoebe and Live Fit Films for your marketing/video projects and am looking forward to working with her again on my next project.”

Dr. Lisa Weiss, Your Vision Source
Carolyn Whitehouse

I recently hired Phoebe as a Voiceover Coach and highly recommend her. I'm a software consultant and my latest project has me writing, recording and doing voice-overs for how-to videos–and I've shied away from microphones most of my life!! Phoebe helped me set up my office for more effective recording, identified some additional low-cost accessories that really helped improve my sound recording, and coached me on proper breathing, mindset, and other techniques to improve my vocal quality. On top of that, it was really fun to work with her. Definitely money and time well spent.

Carolyn Whitehouse, Software Industry Consultant
Robert Delaurentis, Zen Pilot

Phoebe Chongchua has produced several very high-quality videos for me, detailing my historic circumnavigation of the globe. My favorite one which Phoebe narrated evoked so much emotion that many of my friends commented it made them cry. We have used that video with our sponsors and it was also used by several TV stations when they did their news coverage of my return.
Phoebe also taught me how to video blog which absolutely terrified me. She helped me select the best equipment at the right price, taught me how to tell a story using video and, most importantly, she helped me get past my fear. An indication of our success was that one of my video blogs was picked up by the Irish Press and went viral.
I strongly recommend using Phoebe for any of your video and social media needs. She met all deadlines and was 100% professional and on time. I consider her a close friend and look forward to working with her in the future.
Robert Delaurentis, Zen Pilot

Robert Delaurentis, Zen Pilot, Flying Thru Life
Kimberle Taitano, Integrative Wellness & Life Coach

When I decided to completely rebuild my website and brand, there was only one company, one person on my list, Phoebe Chongchua. Her wealth of experience and knowledge on branding and the many facets that play in creating a successful brand are beyond compare. Phoebe has a unique talent for looking at a brand and pinpointing what the message is and how best to convey it to a target audience.
Her impeccable integrity and willingness to satisfy her client’s needs are both rare and refreshing. She has taught me so much about Brand Journalism, how to tell my story, and what I need to do to get my message to my client base. I recommend Phoebe to anyone looking to create a brand and the right messaging to gain exposure, get leads, and ultimately convert them.

Kimberle Taitano, Integrative Wellness & Life Coach, Surrender2Wellness
Meredith Reyes, REALTOR

I have so many good things to say about Phoebe and Live Fit Magazine. She is definitely a leading expert in the industry and I had a great time working with her on my journalism projects. If you have a story or message you want to convey, you've got to give Phoebe a call. I'm confident that you'll be completely satisfied with the end result of her services! I look forward to producing my next project with her this year!

Meredith Reyes, REALTOR, Coldwell Banker West