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Heather Head reveals three key brand journalism tips. Plus how to find clarity in your work and how she successfully built her company, Scopcity.

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Heather Head is a Nationally published author with more than twelve years of B2B marketing experience. Her passion for storytelling launched a freelance career in 2001. At that time she had a new baby and her husband had just been laid off from his job. They were poor and hungry. So Heather went to a bookstore to read books that she couldn’t even afford to buy. One book helped her find her way: the book: “How to Make Money as a Writer.” Heather eventually leveraged her experience and connections to open Scopcity in 2013. The company finds, develops, and shares the best writing talent available with agencies who need content to serve their business clients. Her work helps to shape brand stories, connect with markets, and grow companies to their market potential. When she is not leading training sessions, speaking on content marketing, or writing kick-butt copy, Heather can be found writing novels, assisting in the education of her homeschooled boys, and avoiding the kitchen….her husband and business partner, Carey, does the cooking.

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Think Like A Journalist Quote

“Storytelling is our native language. It’s easier to listen to and it’s easier to tell than abstractions. And it’s the way to get things done in a modern organization.” Quote from Steve Denning

Success Tip

Give it away. Help people.

Career Highlight

The realization that her company can continue without her direct daily work. She finally could take a vacation.

When It Didn’t Work

Lacked confidence, wasn’t focused, and didn’t have clarity. Heather didn’t know her own message at that time. Listen to find out how she refocused and rebranded for success.

Brand Journalism Advice
  • Becoming a brand journalist and building a strong company comes from doing whatever it takes, not being discouraged, and telling your story in a transparent way.
  • Give away free content to grow your business and brand.
  • Reach out through your social networks.
  • Have a passion for what you do.
  • Use LinkedIn to reach your potential clients by joining groups and engaging with them.
  • Research your audience to understand its challenges and to determine stories to tell.

Heather’s Three Key Brand Journalism Tips

  1. Know who you’re talking to. Understand your consumers’ pain points.
  2. Know what you want the consumer to do. The call-to-action must be clear.
  3. Know who you are and what makes your company/product unique and how it will impact the consumer.
Think Like A Journalist Scenario

Would directly go to clients and see what they are getting and what they are wanting from the company. Get to know clients and use social media.

Multimedia Resource

Teamwork PM

Multimedia Book, Documentary, Internet Channel

Learned Optimism by Martin Seligman

Expert Predictions

There is going to be a cultural shift to looking to the internet rather than the network for information. The focus will be on quality and niche markets.

Resource Links



Brand Examples:

Dove YouTube Channel

Kotex YouTube Channel

Always Like A Girl



Heather Head LinkedIn Profile

Twitter: @HHeadWrites

Twitter: @Scopcity

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Phoebe Chongchua

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