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David Lyons

David Lyons founder of Bishop-Lyons Entertainment, talks about creating a successful sports reality show without previous experience in selling to TV Networks. “All you need is one YES!” He got the “yes” from Fox TV. David shares his struggle and win with MS and what he is doing to help others live healthy lives.

David Lyons is a man of many accomplishments. He’s the founder of Bishop-Lyons Entertainment and he just won the Chief Strategy Officer of the Year award for 2014. He’s also the author of David’s Goliath. The book is an inspiring story of one man’s diagnosis with Multiple Sclerosis at age 47. It chronicles his struggle and rise from despair to the stage of participating in bodybuilding contests. And he’s co-founder along with his wife, Kendra, of the MSFitness Challenge.

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Think Like A Journalist Quote

“No single ad tells whole story.” Larry Light. Stay tuned for Larry Light’s interview coming soon to The Brand Journalism Advantage Podcast.

Success Tip

Isaiah [43:31]; Have something that drives you.

Career Highlight

Started two reality sports competition shows called Street Games and Rack on Fox Sports. Launched career as a producer.

When It Didn’t Work

Allowed a show to be dropped “that I had produced because I had to have it my way”.

 Brand Journalism Advice
  • Tell the story viewers want to hear.
  • Look at marketplace; find out what viewers want.
  • Listen to the TV Networks; deliver what the experts want.
  • Be open to expert insight, even if it goes against what you think is the right path. Give the advice you receive consideration.
  • Make your stories deliver information about people, the company, their interests…not just a commercial.
Think Like A Journalist

I would examine the company’s strengths and weaknesses.

Expert predictions

Brand journalism being integrated into every area of life and media.

Multimedia Book, Documentary, Internet Channel

David’s Goliath by David Lyons

“Simon Says”, Documentary

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David’s Twitter: @MSFitChallenge

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