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David Schmitke headshotDavid Schmitke, a former TV News Anchor gives tips on making videos for your business. How to engage your audience with storytelling. Plusexamples of how to craft a story using limited technology.

David Schmitke is A former television news anchor and reporter, he has been nominated for Emmy awards twice and won once–and has also won numerous AP and SDX (Sigma Delta Chi) news awards over his 20 year news career.  Combining his love and skill as a home improvement pro, David started his own half-hour weekly TV home improvement program–which aired on the Portland-area FOX affiliate.   David is currently a video producer/photographer/writer/editor) and Communications Coordinator for the NW’s largest residential remodeling contractor, Neil Kelley, a B Corporation.

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Think Like A Journalist quote

“More and more journalism will be small endeavors, often with only a single writer. The writer will have a narrow focus and be an expert in the field they cover.” By Ben Thompson is the author and founder of StraTECHery, a blog about the business and strategy of technology. Read the full article, click here.

Success Quote

Don’t be afraid to tell your story.

Content is King. Tell The story.

Brand Journalism Advice
  • Identify the story. Pick interviewees that are relevant to your story.
  • Know your audience and who you are trying to reach with your story.
  • A good shot is the shot you don’t miss.
  • Shoot in sequence: wide, middle, tight.
  • Mix the three shots into your videos.
  • Let the scene unfold in front of you. Hold the shot for at least 10 seconds.
  • Limit your pans and tilts.
Multimedia Resource

Non-Linear editing software: Adobe, Final Cut ProX

Evernote, Screen Flow
Multimedia Book, Documentary, Podcast, Channel

Discovery Channel, 48 Hours,

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