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Cleveland Clinic’s Health Hub is the most visited hospital blog in the country. Amanda Todorovich shares why  the Website which was started only a few years ago and gets three million visitors a month, is so successful.

Amanda Todorovich is the director of content marketing at Cleveland Clinic. She manages a team of writers, designers, digital engagement strategists and project managers to serve enterprise content needs both on- and off-line. Her team is responsible for the #1 most-visited hospital blog in the country (  Amanda leads social media channel management, email marketing strategy, print production, content syndication, as well as brand guidelines and architecture. Amanda joined Cleveland Clinic in February 2013, after serving for four years as chief content officer and co-founder of MedCity Media, one of the fastest growing online publishers in the healthcare and life sciences industry. With more than 15 years of storytelling experience, Amanda is passionate about finding innovative ways to leverage every piece of content her team produces.

Think Like A Journalist quote

“It’s all about using the same tools and playing by the same rules as our editorial operation.” –Mark Howard (Forbes), on Defining Native Advertising

Success Tip or Quote

Learn to embrace data and use the numbers to help you make decisions. Don’t just guess at they type of stories that you think they want. Examine the data; your audience will tell you what they want to read, see, and hear. 

Career Highlight

Amanda started out in traditional media relations and corporate communications. Her passion is in storytelling for the healthcare industry because of its impact on people. Hear what Amanda says is her career highlight which came out of helping found a startup and what it taught her.

When It Didn’t Work

Find out what Amanda learned from creating a Brand Newsroom and a very successful health hub. Amanda and her team learned an important lesson about they types of stories that are popular and interesting to their visitors. Find out what they learned and how she’s applied it to making the hub even more popular.

Top Tips
  1. Operate like a newsroom.
  2. Covering the stories that are interesting to your audience instead of making the stories promotional plugs.
  3. Hire journalists to buildout the newsroom.
  4. Spend time showing the process of the development of a brand newsroom to the C-level team so that they understand the agenda, purpose, and the type of content that will be published.
  5. Set goals so that the development of the brand newsroom can clearly show its success.
  6. Tie the development of the brand newsroom to the company’s mission.
  7. When explaining the initiative to those in the company, avoid the jargon and marketing terms such as “brand journalism”.  Instead, aim to communicate how the brand newsroom will positively impact the company and benefit the Website visitors.
  8. Multipurpose your content across social media platforms so that each piece of content developed gets maximum exposure.
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