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Chuck Patterson shares his successful professional athlete career journey and how he learned a valuable lessons in sports branding after losing a major sponsorship. Plus what a great white shark did for his career.

Chuck Patterson is a professional athlete from California. For the past 25 years he’s been an all around sportsman including extreme skiing, snowboarding, windsurfing, kiteboarding, big-wave surfing, and stand-up paddle boarding. Chuck says, “Dropping off a cliff and skiing out the bottom is the same as dropping a 70-foot wave and outrunning an avalanche of water.”

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Think Like A Journalist Quote

~Brian Tracy author, speaker & career development expert.

Fitness Habit

Chuck realized that physical fitness is as important as his mental fitness. Listen to hear how he trains each day to prolong his professional sports career.

Career Highlight

While Chuck has many career highlights, he shares his story about how his eyes were opened to the power of Social Media after he captured footage of a great white shark circling his surf board.

Life Lesson

Find out why Chuck lost out on a sponsorship opportunity with a major company and how it turned his business around.

Brand Journalism Advice

Be relevant.

Be transparent.

Study the company and understand its core message.

Cause marketing increases opportunity to connect and motivate consumers to take action.

Multimedia Resource


Book, Documentary, Internet Channel To Watch

Discovery Channel

National Geographic

Resource Links

GoPro YouTube Channel

OceanMinded:  Live. Protect. Respect.

SurfRider Foundation

Chuck’s Viral Video:  Me, My Shark and I

Director Mike Tollin, La Costa Film Festival


Twitter @ChuckPatterson

Chuck Patterson Website

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Chuck Patterson on The Brand Journalism Advantage Podcast

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