Hook Viewers: Creating Powerful Videos From The Start

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Opening lines are often underrated, and overlooked. But, don’t kid yourself, they’re vital. In TV newscasts, now, even in podcasts, you’ll hear an opening line from the interviewee before the show begins. The idea behind starting the show that way is to get the audience interested quickly in the story. Then the show open rolls…just…

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How To Get Consumers On Instagram

Live Fit Films photo collage on Instagram

“Anybody in business with a pulse better be on Instagram. There is no reason they shouldn’t be on it. Even lawyers, doctors, and accountants. It’s a digital scrapbook where you get to humanize your brand,” says Sue B. Zimmerman. I interview Sue this week on The Brand Journalism Advantage Podcast. Give it a listen at…

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How To Become A Trusted Expert Using Events & Content Marketing

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All businesses want to connect with consumers but many aren’t doing three marketing strategies that are extremely helpful. To consistently build your brand and sell more products or services you have to make your messaging FIT, relevant, and meaningful. You also need to create social vibes. Learn how to become a trusted expert in this…

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Taking The Frustration Out Of Writing: Apps & Tips To help You Publish Fast

Woman sitting at desk with pen in hand writing, page is blank

Blank page. Type something…anything…take a phone call, answer email, open mail, stare at the wall. FRUSTRATION. Take the frustration out of writing. Maybe you need a fruit basket…or at least an apple and a tomato. (And, yes, a tomato is technically a fruit). Whether you’re a full-time writer or a CEO who has made it…

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Never Stop Creating: Brand Journalism The Path To A Healthy Company

When you look in the mirror do you see a content creator? Is your company a powerhouse of ideas and solutions leading consumers to your brand? If not, take action NOW. Visit ThinkLikeAJournalist.com. Brand journalism, the creation of quality content, helps inform, engage, and influence consumers. I’ll show you how. Content marketing and brand journalism…

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3 Words For Creating Killer Content

The Brand Journalism Advantage: think like a journalist, increase your bottom line

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Will Brand Journalism Help Grow My Business?

In my last post, I pointed to a study that established that consumers see brands as media publishers. That means creating compelling content is not a choice but a must, if you want to engage with consumers and continue to make your company relevant to them. However, the challenge and cost to continually produce quality…

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Where’s The Video? Consumers See Brands As Media Companies

I thought I’d be writing this post a bit further down the line. But it seems the time has come fast and furiously. Consumers are now demanding: “Where’s the video?” when they see a brand’s website and social platforms. According to a recent report by Levels Beyond, “Today’s consumers are starting to think of brands…

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How Knowledge Can Hurt Business & What To Do About It

Knowledge Can Hurt Business–when “knowing” weakens your message… Have you ever gone to a party and been talking to someone about their company when you suddenly realize you’re not understanding a single thing? It’s not that you weren’t paying attention. It’s not that you’re stupid. And, it’s not that you don’t care. You might have…

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Think Like A Journalist: Get Your Story Covered By The Media

I have been in journalism for 20+ years. I have found that every good business has a story, but not every entrepreneur behind that good business knows how to sell that story to the media. Consequently, some businesses never get media attention while others seem to be favorite resources. While blogging, creating YouTube videos, your…

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