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The first thing you should do before you launch an online product. Entrepreneur, Brett Campbell, shares how to make your product launch a huge win. It starts with your email list. Build your list before you launch your first online product.

Brett Campbell is Founder and director of Fiit International. A world wide health and fitness company consisting of a fitness franchise, fitness academy, and multiple online products and services which have reached over 400,000 people from dozens of different countries.
Brett also helps entrepreneur’s position, package and promote their passion and expertise so they can make more money, help more people, and ultimately live a lifestyle of their design. 
Brett believes in creating businesses to suit your lifestyle first, not trying to create a lifestyle around your business.

Think Like A Journalist Quote

“Great storytelling can make the difference between someone paying attention to you and someone just tuning you out.” –Christopher S. Penn

Success Tip or Quote

“Done is better than perfect.” Remember what done is to you. What are your expectations. Have a support of key people to consult with about if it’s ready to launch.

Career Highlight

Brett worked in a tradesman job but wasn’t doing well financially. He walked off the job but instead he hustled and asked numerous times and got what he wanted. He stayed a few more years and then left to become a fitness professional at a University. Moved to Australia, did an online course in three months.

When It Didn’t Work

Brett got an idea to build an online business. Studied for hundreds of hours. Built a product that was amazing and was getting results with in-person clients. Only sold 20 units. Find out why and what he learned.

Top Tips
  1. Focus on building your email list.
  2. Start a private group on Facebook…create the love relationship that you can get from an online community.
  3. Create a value that causes people to want to give you their email in exchange for the information.
  4. Think about what your customer needs right now.
  5. Give them something they can do right now.
  6. Build your list not the product first.
  7. Build a Facebook environment an community for your network. Use multiple Facebook pages and syndicate them through your network.
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Phoebe Chongchua

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