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Brian Smith, Founder of UGGs, on The Brand Journalism Advantage PodcastBrian Smith brought a comfy boot to California decades ago. The UGG boot became more than a billion-dollar business, but not without disappointing times. Brian shares failures and success tips in this episode.

Brian Smith was born and raised in Australia. He came to California in the late seventies armed with his surfboard and his sheepskin boots which soon became his business. In 1979, with just $500 of start-up money, Brian registered the brand name, UGG, and began importing, marketing, and distributing them in the U.S.. His humble beginnings in surf shops in California expanded into other sports and eventually UGGs became mainstream fashion. In 1995, after sales reached $15 million, Brian sold the business to Deckers Outdoor Corporation. Brian is a sought-after speaker today. He teaches entrepreneurs how to leverage their most precious assets from within and to recognize and pursue their passions to create a fulfilling and successful life. Brian has a new book out: The Birth Of A Brand: Launching Your Entrepreneurial Passion And Soul.

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Brian had been doing a form of marketing that was bringing in business but the marketing success had stalled and sales weren’t increasing. Finally, he had a moment when he discovered exactly what his consumers wanted. He started to create marketing ads featuring pro surfers instead of high-end models. Ugg boot sales immediately soared..find out how much when you listen to this episode.

When It Didn’t Work

Brian shares how he lost control of the company but gained some very important insights that have become core principles for success in his personal and business life.

Brand Journalism & Marketing Advice

Seek PR through collaboration and by providing free product. Brian gave away Ugg boots to celebrities. Soon starts like Cameron Diaz started being photographed in them around town.

Figure out how to reach your consumers. Connect where your audience is. Find the medium and pursue it.

Use a story to identify with your audience. Share your background and make it compelling and relatable to your audience.

Life is a series of plateaus…overcome your obstacles.

Brian Smith’s Principles For Success:

  1. Feast upon uncertainty
  2. Fatten upon disappointment
  3. Enthuse over apparent defeat
  4. Invigorate in the presence of difficulties
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Brian Smith Book: The Birth Of A Brand: Launching Your Entrepreneurial Passion And Soul

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Brian Smith, Founder of UGGs, on The Brand Journalism Advantage Podcast
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