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Learn branding and marketing for millennials. If you’re selling to millennials, find out what key strategies and events work for millennial marketing with our guest expert, CJ DiRoma.

CJ DiRoma is a branding, marketing and event expert and owner and CEO of The asterism* Group, which includes award-winning event production firm Station Avenue Productions, as well as Consumption Marketing and Little Flower Creative.

Think Like A Journalist Quote

“Social media puts the public into PR and the market into marketing.” Chris Brogan

Success Quote

“Success comes to those who hustle while they wait.” –Thomas Edison

Career Highlight

CJ started working with entertainers but the industry changed when large companies came on the seen. Live Nation was founded and stole a lot of the market. Find out how CJ morphed her business to continue to thrive and address the unmet needs of her marketplace. Hear her story about a successful event that she worked on in just a two-week period. Find out what she did and why the event turned out so fantastic.

When It Didn’t Work

CJ learned that your preparation time is most important. She had an event that was planned and the venue wasn’t able to hold and support all that she needed. She found this out on the day of the show. Hear how CJ handled it and made it work in another area. Find out what she valuable feedback she got and what she learned.

Top Tips
  1. Millennials are social media gurus.
  2. They ignore online ads.
  3. Don’t market to millennials, instead engage with them.
  4. Successful marketing plans to target millennials must include social media that’s engaging.
  5. They are a socially conscious generation. Create a message that offers giving-back to appeal to them.
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