Brands that have an online newsroom greatly enhance their ability to capture the attention of journalists who are regularly seeking out these websites to populate their media publications.

Your brand is one of the most important aspects of your business. I help you identify the areas where your brand is thriving and where it can improve in the online media world. I have 20+ years experience in TV broadcasting, print, radio, and online marketing. I also have extensive experience in Experiential Marketing and event creation. In just four years, I grew a community event for a local television station to 20,000 attendees and generated more than $130,000 in sponsorship revenue. Hiring me to conduct my brand analysis will provide insights on the effectiveness of your website, current marketing campaigns, social media platforms, and brand storytelling. Under my Brand Management consulting, I help craft successful strategies to achieve your business goals. Then we execute to deliver impactful results. Don't just guess...learn what works and double down!