Learn how to attract your customers to your brand. Reduce your ad spend. Be the Media.

I bring a unique perspective to consulting and coaching sessions. My expertise as a journalist and executive marketer helps you learn to create brand stories and content that your audience wants to see and share. You'll learn cutting-edge marketing and social media tips and have a trusted, experienced consultant bringing a different and proven marketing strategy to your business. I share how to pitch to traditional media and, more important, how to BE The Media, so that you don't have to "rent an audience". Today every company can be the media. To thrive and have customers find you, learn to Think Like A Journalist and tell your own story.

Creating Content That Converts

Content That Keeps Customers In The Sales Life-Cycle Loop

Everyone has a story. Today, your company needs to tell that story, share the "Why" behind your brand. Consumers don’t want to interact with a brand; they want to know the CEO and the team. Sharing stories forms relationships. This builds what’s been called the “loyalty loop”–a circular flow that takes consumers on a buyer’s journey causing them to know, like, and trust your brand. This is what storytelling can do for your company.