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BillBelew_headshotBill Belew has started two successful businesses in Japan and Russia. In this episode, he talks about his experiences abroad and tells you how to organically reach millions of visitors through your Website.

Bill Belew is a Content Marketing Trainer who helps people set up their in-house team to get measurable marketing results. He’s also a Business Brand Storyteller and and expert in content development. Bill teaches bloggers and journalism school graduates how to make a living as freelance writers. He’s a Professor of Social Media Marketing at the graduate level in Silicon Valley, California. and he offers courses in mastering social media channels and media marketing strategies. Bill speaks professionally on these topics all over the world (and on cruise ships) for large companies including the Talks At Google program.

Think Like A Journalist Quote

“The mantra should change from always be closing to always be helping.” Quoted from David Han from LinkedIn

Success Tip

“Passion is overrated. Hunger in stronger, resolve will top hunger, and mission trumps them all.”

Fitness Habit

Readcycle: reading and cycling at the same time.

Career Highlight

Went to Japan in the Navy, completely broke and started an ESL school. Grew that school until it was one of the top five independent schools in Japan and even expanded to Russia.

When It Didn’t Work

During his work in Japan and Russia, his priorities were tainted and his family sufferred. Nothing is worth sacrificing a family for.

Brand Journalism Advice
  • Getting more traffic comes simply from writing content and publishing  content.
  • Give readers more ways to find you by keeping your Website updated regularly with content.
  • Make your content relevant to you audience and you’ll see your Website traffic grow.
  • Having people find you is more effective and cheaper than having to go out and find clients.
Multimedia Resource

Samsung Galaxy 2

Multimedia Book, Documentary, Channel

The Bible

Expert Predictions

Who you know is not going to be as important as who know about you.

Resource Links

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