3 Tips To Stand Out In A Cluttered Digital World (without going crazy!)

You’re a business owner and several consultants have told you that you have to have a blog, be on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram, Foursquare, and more. You also need video, free white papers, and a podcast…what, are you kidding me? Where’s the easy button? How do you find the time to create compelling…

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Brands Use TV & Smartphones To Engage Consumers

The Second Screen A Companion To TV Watching The “second screen” (tablets, smartphones, PCs) which some argue is rapidly becoming the first screen, is part of our core experience as humans, now more than ever. It’s becoming rare for people to sit and watch TV or even go to a movie and watch a film…

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Nike Just Did It! Company Scores Big With Brand Journalism

The company famous for telling us to “Just Do It!”…Nike– just did it! Just before the World Cup they released the spot shown below in the video. It’s fine storytelling for World Cup lovers in a nicely packaged five-minute sports Youtube video. A one-minute teaser clip was released, helping to drive traffic to the longer…

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What’s Happening To TV? Personalized Internet Channels The Future

What’s happening to TV? There’s a new star in town… the Internet. All right, it’s not new but TV Networks on the Internet are a fairly new concept that takes some warming up for some, not only to get used to but also to comprehend. See our TV network for an example, PCIN.TV and Live…

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Why Storytelling Is The Future For Branding Your Company

Image courtesy of Ambro / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

“Tell me a story…” Anyone with kids or who is used to being around children, has heard this request repeatedly, I’m sure. We never really grow out of the “tell-me-a-story” stage. We like stories because they’re a way to convey information, understand one another, entertain, educate, influence, and simply pass time. Storytelling is at the…

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