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Headshot of Angela TagueAngela Tague talks about how to connect with consumers to build trust and how freelance writers can get great leads through social media. She also shares how she had to overcome health challenges to keep her business thriving.

Angela Tague has been working in news writing and photography since 1998. Continuing her passion, today, she is a freelancer and blogger of Web Writing Advice where she helps teach other tips and tricks to make writing online enjoyable, profitable, and successful. In 2012, Angela was named writer of the year by Skyword, a global marketing company.

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Think Like A Journalist Quote
Success Tip

You have to put yourself out there daily.

 Fitness Habit

Whole foods diet and daily exercise

Career Highlight

Recognized by Skyword as writer of the year (2012).

When It Didn’t Work

Most important part of being an entrepreneur is staying on track. When first starting out on her own, Angela was not as self-motivated or focused as she should have been. Find out what she did to turn her business around.

Brand Journalism Advice
  • Study your audience.
  • Write content that offers solutions.
  • Don’t sit behind your computer all day long; exercise to stimulate creativity.
  • Don’t abuse social media. Be a friend. Be social. “It’s a two-way conversation.”
  • Talk to brands on social media to engage them and get assignments.
  • Write reviews and share the review with companies that you would like to work with.
Think Like A Journalist

Draw from marketing techniques that work well in successful compaigns. Create a blog and start writing contant and build the company’s social media.

Multimedia Resource


Tape A Call Pro App

Buffer App

Multimedia Book, Documentary, Channel

Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead

Expert Predictions

A lot of daily news media will disappear or downsize. User-generated content will dominate lives.

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Phoebe Chongchua

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