“Storytelling is engrained in my brain. Everywhere I go I see a story to share…a story that must be told. Stories are the connection to life and this incredible journey we’re all experiencing. Don’t keep your story a secret!”

Phoebe Chongchua is a multimedia Brand Journalist, travel and lifestyle Host. She is also the founder and Host of The Brand Journalism Advantage Podcast. Phoebe also founded,  PCIN.TV, which curates content from around the globe as well as airs video from her online publications: Live Fit Magazine and The Plant-Based Diet. Her Brand Journalism agency, Live Fit Films specializes in business video storytelling and production for the Web and TV.




I’m a former broadcast TV journalist turned Brand Journalist. I spent 15+ years on the air in San Diego reporting and anchoring for the ABC affiliate but I also held a position that was one-of-a-kind at that time. I was the Community Affairs Specialist and that meant that I crossed the then-cardinal invisible boundary line that divided the departments of news and marketing at our TV station.

I was a newscaster/reporter, but I also was simultaneously a marketer working to differentiate our news team from the others in the marketplace. That meant that I worked to tell news stories not only about our station, but also about the projects that our Creative Services’ department rolled out. My job was to tell these stories using the same journalistic skills that I used when reporting on any other story that wasn’t related to our station. The result was amazing. To set the station apart from others, I produced a resource festival for our viewers in San Diego which grew to become the largest of its kind–20,000 in attendance in its fourth year in California. We received proclamations by San Diego County and City for our resource festival.


I used brand journalism to tell stories about the companies and nonprofits that participated in the resource festival. I reported on the different services that would help improve viewers’ lives. If I was covering a company that shreds documents, then the news angle was a story about protecting yourself from identity theft. Every story I covered that aired on our nightly news was a story that enriched viewers’ lives by sharing information, education, and resources. And, oh, yes, it also promoted the company that I mentioned in my report. This is brand journalism.

It’s credible. It’s influential. It’s informative.
It’s practical. It’s relevant.
Aren’t those the tenets of a good business?
That, of course, is a resounding YES!

I eventually left my position to care for my father who was dying of prostate cancer. It was the early-2000s and the Internet was burgeoning. I used my skills and made the leap into entrepreneurship, pioneering this brand journalism strategy online by using what I call Video News Stories (VNS) for my own company and brands (soon after was hired by other companies to do the same for them). Fortunately, for me, I saw the direction the Internet was headed and I was thrilled. Journalism is my passion.


1. Inspires audiences to dump their emotional trash and make room for treasures!

2. Motivates employees to enhance productivity.

3. Encourages personal and business growth for maximizing success.

4. Produces highly effective results for one-on-one or group media coaching.

5. Gives audiences the inside advantage on working with the media to gain exposure.

6. Sets the Service Standard–helping propel your company to the top in customer service.

7. Effectively conveys healthy living information and a practical lifestyle program for wellness and plant-based nutrition.

8. Provides tools and techniques to reduce stress, balance lives, increase exercise, and implement her Worriless Living Principles.

9. Increases brand awareness using real solutions and strategies to develop new media promotional campaigns, video marketing, and social media efforts.

10. Delivers informative material on relevant topics on improving business, entrepreneurship, brand journalism, multimedia video marketing, social media, and more.


Phoebe Chongchua Bio

Phoebe Chongchua is a multimedia Brand Journalist, travel and lifestyle Host. She is also the founder and Host of The Brand Journalism Advantage Podcast. Phoebe also founded PCIN.TV, which curates content from around the globe as well as airs video from her online publications: Live Fit Magazine and The Plant-Based Diet. Her Brand Journalism agency, Live Fit Films, specializes in business video storytelling and production for the Web and TV.

Phoebe Chongchua is the Host of The Brand Journalism Advantage Podcast. Download in iTunes, Stitcher, or from this site,

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Phoebe is a veteran TV News Anchor/Reporter (more than 20 years in TV) who produces brand journalism Video News Stories (VNS) for companies. Through strategic marketing campaigns, Live Fit Films helps address companies’ needs by creating high-quality, custom content that gives their brand a leading edge over the competition and a credible, compelling message for the consumer. Learn more, visit Live Fit Films and sign up for a free consultation about your marketing and branding.

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Her company, Live Fit Films, a full-service, brand journalism multimedia agency provides clients with video news stories, custom content writing, public relations, ongoing marketing consulting, social media, website development, producing of 30-minute paid programming and educational TV shows, and the purchasing of airtime on networks. We help businesses find and share their important stories with consumers via Video News Stories and articles via the Internet, TV, radio, print publications, and social media.

The mission of Live Fit Enterprises is to help people live well by providing information and resources through informative and entertaining articles and videos via all of our online media video magazines. As a Speaker or Emcee, Phoebe inspires, entertains, and motivates audiences. She has spoken to thousands and been the Emcee as well as conducted Installation Ceremonies for Associations.