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Marie Alonso on The Brand Journalism Advantage PodcastLearn 7 content marketing strategies that engage and influence consumers from content and social media strategist, Marie Alonso. Plus we explore the ROI in content strategies.

Marie Alonso is a content branding and social media strategist at CompuData, an award-winning IT and business software firm specializing in CRM, Social CRM, ERP, cloud and more leading and emerging technologies for the SMB and large-enterprise market. CompuData delivers robust solutions for today’s businesses, including IT consulting for today’s mobile workforce. Marie has delivered social media marketing and content publishing campaigns for a variety of SMBs, including Miles Technologies and Asterism Group. She is a contributor on the topics of social media, content marketing, inbound strategies, brand publishing, cloud technologies and more with Small Business Trends, Philadelphia business Journal, VAR Guy, TalkinCloud, Social Media Today and more.

Think Like A Journalist Quote

“These days, people want to learn before they buy, be educated instead of pitched.” @BrianClark, Copyblogger

Success Tip
Career Highlight

Traveling as a journalist and covering stories around the country but hear what Marie has to say about writing and why journalism is at the core of everything she does.

When It Didn’t Work

Hear how Marie tried to launch a regional award and what went wrong. Find out what she learned from that  and how that taught her a lesson about knowing her audience and buyer persona.

7 Content Marketing Strategies
  1. Buyer persona: know your target audience.
  2. Expand your content platforms.
  3. Mobile content: make it user-friendly on all platforms.
  4. Use adaptive content to drive meaningful, personal engagement.
  5. Stream content: video, charts, custom content.
  6. Keep your website optimized and ensure that it supports your content on all other platforms.
  7. Leverage inbound content to drive engagement and attract people to your website.
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Phoebe Chongchua
Phoebe Chongchua

Phoebe Chongchua is a multimedia Brand Journalist, Brand Consultant & Marketing Strategist who is revolutionizing brand communication with consumers. She makes companies remarkable using brand journalism storytelling to grow their online presence, build a community, and gain greater market share. Phoebe is a former TV News journalist who helps brands gain a competitive advantage by learning to "Be the Media". Phoebe is the host of "The Brand Journalism Advantage" podcast and a "Top 50 Podcaster To Follow". Listen in iTunes or at ThinkLikeAJournalist.com

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